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Angel Tattoo Design 102

Pretty good Angel Tattoo Designs 102.

These Tattoo Designs are making partnership with the Tribal lines of the Universe just to make you happy and proud of the Tattoo World. Angel and Tribal shapes is a very good combination that designers need to know more about.

Keep loving Angel Tattoos.

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Angel Tattoo Design Tribal 1

It looks like Iron Man using Wings but this Tribal Angel Tattoo Design is excellent in every aspect of its shape. Like all good Tribal Tattoos, this one is in pure black too. Very good design by the artist.

Angel Tattoo Design Tribal 2

I think this front version of the Tribal Angel Tattoo is better than the number one, the wings, shapes and lines are pretty good designed to represent a beautiful and angelical tattoo. Enjoy.

Angel Tattoo Design in Black

Another good Tribal Angel Tattoo but this time featuring a woman who seems to belong to "Metropolis", that classic and very famous German film. The design is good and excellently structured. Very original.

Keep enjoying my blog and have a good Tattoo Session in your favorite Tattoo Shop. More Angel Tattoo Designs will be posted in the next weeks. See you later, mates.

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