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It is said that the word tattoo means that you mark something forever. Therefore, this history of tattoos is directly related to have a special decorative mark which makes us unique. Human beings have wanted to be extraordinary since the first member of our species appeared on earth. Most tattoos are made by inserting some particular colored materials under the skin. These tattoos have been differently interpreted in several cultures around the world but the main feeling centers on the fact how we feel or what we want our facade to be. Generally, they are made during a particular moment of people's lives. There are thousands of tattoo designs around the world but there is one which is very popular and has its own history: Angel wings tattoo. People who have an angel wings tattoo know that they have a special distinctive mark forever.

This incredible design has also a wide range of varieties, which have changed through the centuries. Its history is very old and angel wings tattoo was prohibited thousands of years ago.

Archeologists have found mummies with angel wings tattoo all over the world. Many of them are more than 3,000 years old. Angel wings tattoos have always had a special symbolism for different cultures and it can be seen in museums and institutes where the tattoos meaning is studied as source of beliefs and rituals. Moreover, tattoos have been also an artistic tool for those who consider decorated skin a symbol of beauty.

On the other hand, today the angel wings tattoo are mostly chosen by women who want to show their spiritual side or who think that these wings can offer them a naive look. They can be of varied nature - black or colorful and big or small. They can also be added to other main designs to complete a bigger tattoo.

Additionally, most young women who decide to get an angel wings tattoo try to add their personal touch to the design in order to create the perfect angel wings tattoo which conveys their personality. In general, these are picked by women but there are also men who decide to be an angel on earth!

Generally, we connect angels with kindness and wisdom but in fact, angel wings tattoos have not been always considered a sign of benevolence. First of all, it is believed that the first angels were not described as winged creatures thousands of years ago. However, artists who have wanted to express the magnificence of those creatures who brought incredible news to human beings started drawing them with wings and since them angels tattoos have been required everywhere.

Winged angels can be found in all type of artwork. Novels, comic books, movies and panting because tattoos are the perfect frame that people have to express the admiration we feel towards angels. Therefore, it is understandable that we want to have wings too! Angel wings tattoo is quite stunning. It is capable of imparting its beauty to those persons who wear it in their skin. The tattoos are commonly worn at the back. However some people prefer their tattoos to be on other parts of their body.

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Angel Tattoo Design 103

Celestial Angel Tattoo Designs 103.

Mixing Wings and Celestial Beings always has give us, as a product, one of the most beautiful creations that Mankind has ever seen. Angels. Yes, whether an Angel Boy, and Angel Girl or even an Angel Baby, you feel the same thing every time: Happiness.

So, please, enjoy and be happy.

+ + + + +

Baby Angel Tattoo Design

This Baby Angel Tattoo is great in every aspect of its shape. It's only a baby taking a nap in Heavens and dreaming about good things, I hope. This is a good work. Congratulations to the artist.

Tribal Angel Tattoo Design

This Angel Tattoo Design looks weird and rare thanks to the Tribal lines that are covering the central girl. The Wings, however, are beautiful and excellently designed along the full tattoo. Enjoy and comment this one.

Praying Angel Tattoo Design

Color absence is not enough to depreciate this grayscale creation. An Angel Girl meditating or praying, a couple of pretty Angelical Wings and some other bands ready to receive your message or name must be enough to put this master piece in your shoulders or wherever you like more, right?

Angel Tattoo Design in Black

Only black colors in here but the girl representing the Angel is cute, and the Wings are making me remember those good tribal shapes I have seen before in other Angel Tattoos. Anyway, enjoy.

More Angel Tattoo Designs will be posted in American Tattoos very soon. I recommend you to Subscribe by Email if you like my blog. Share this post with your friends and take care. Good bye.

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Angel Tattoo Design 102

Pretty good Angel Tattoo Designs 102.

These Tattoo Designs are making partnership with the Tribal lines of the Universe just to make you happy and proud of the Tattoo World. Angel and Tribal shapes is a very good combination that designers need to know more about.

Keep loving Angel Tattoos.

+ + + + +

Angel Tattoo Design Tribal 1

It looks like Iron Man using Wings but this Tribal Angel Tattoo Design is excellent in every aspect of its shape. Like all good Tribal Tattoos, this one is in pure black too. Very good design by the artist.

Angel Tattoo Design Tribal 2

I think this front version of the Tribal Angel Tattoo is better than the number one, the wings, shapes and lines are pretty good designed to represent a beautiful and angelical tattoo. Enjoy.

Angel Tattoo Design in Black

Another good Tribal Angel Tattoo but this time featuring a woman who seems to belong to "Metropolis", that classic and very famous German film. The design is good and excellently structured. Very original.

Keep enjoying my blog and have a good Tattoo Session in your favorite Tattoo Shop. More Angel Tattoo Designs will be posted in the next weeks. See you later, mates.

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Angel Tattoo Design 101

Beautiful Angel Tattoo Designs 101.

Winged Angels and Angel Girls from the heavens. Angel Tattoos are one of the most searched kind of tattoos on the web because they are beautiful and give to the user some kind of celestial elevation around other tattoo users. Sometimes very original.

So, enjoy and comment.

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Angel Tattoo Design Girl

Good Tattoo Design of an Angel Girl resting in her knees in the ground, by ramhay. Her wings seem to be pretty and cute too. Good Tattoo Alternative for your shoulders, or any part of your body.

Angel Tattoo Design Cross

This is a good design of an Angel Tattoo embracing a cross, in black and white, by Observer. Very religious, however, it's good for your intentions. The pose of the angel is great too. Enjoy.

Black Angel Tattoo Design Wings

To be a Tattoo Pattern is as great as any good Tattoo Design. This silhouette of and Angel Girl Tattoo, in black and white, is absolute astounding for a tattoo. The wings are great.

I hope you enjoyed this post. See you later folks, with more Angel Tattoo Designs for you. Good bye and don't forget to tell your friends about this post. I'll thank you (and they too). Bye.

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