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Pegasus Tattoo Design 101

Good Pegasus Tattoo Designs 101 for you.

Everybody knows who is Pegasus. Yes, that mythical winged white horse from the Ancient Greece that is renting its flying in some Hollywood Movies. Well, you have three different designs about this beautiful colt just to comment out in here.

So, please, enjoy.

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Tribal Pegasus Tattoo Design

Very Tribal this Pegasus Tattoo, using pure black in its outlines and curves. The wings and tail are beautiful designed and the head of the horse is pretty proportioned. Good tattoo design.

Pegasus Tattoo Designs

A couple of skulls and fern plants are adorning this tattoo from its base. The little heart with the key hole at the center was a good idea by the artist. You don't notice that the horses are representing Pegasus if you don't look at the wings. Good composition and idea. Very original. Enjoy.

Pegasus Tattoo Design in Fire

I like the fire representation and the rising Pegasus on this tattoo design. Colors of the horse and wings are not a perfect combination but the concept is really awesome. I like it very much.

More Pegasus Tattoo Designs like these will be posted in American Tattoos. Talk to your friends about this blog and this post. Stay tuned and take care. Good bye.

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