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Skull Tattoo Design 102

Good Skull Tattoo Designs 102.

If you have never seen a flying skull, you will see it in this post, because these Skull Tattoo Ideas are carrying different concepts about the magic of shadows and colors. Hurry up and scroll down this post just to see them working for you.

Be happy and take it easy.

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Gothic Skull Tattoo Design

In a Gothic style, this Skull Tattoo Design comes to be a good tattoo idea for your soul. I don't know what kind of shapes are in the background but they look awesome. The skull at the center is simple but great.

Skull Tattoo Design and Wings

Combination of Angel Wings, Flowers and a Skull is a good detail in this Skull Tattoo. Very subtle shadows are covering the absence of color in this design. Good work anyway.

Skull Tattoo Design and Roses

I never get tired to look at this Tattoo Design. You have grayscale shadows rather than colors and the lighting game is really fantastic. Very good work. The roses and leaves give it even more contrasting matters to this Skull Tattoo. I need to thank the artist for this master piece.

Well, see you later with more Skull Tattoo Designs my friends. Follow us by Email and send this post to your friends and relatives. Remember to make a comment. Good bye.

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