Phoenix Tattoo Design 101

Good Phoenix Tattoo Designs 101.

This time three splendid Phoenix Tattoos is making their debut in this blog for your own benefit. Coming from inside the most creative minds, these tattoo designs will give you the force to revive from the ashes like the Phoenix Bird.

Enjoy the designs and be happy.

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Golden Phoenix Tattoo Design

This is a Tribal design of a beautiful Phoenix extending its wings and preparing itself to take the fly. The tail is long and attractive and that color orange simulating fire is very awesome.

Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Design

Reviving from the ashes, this Phoenix Tattoo Design is a mix between a Dragon and a Phoenix Bird. Very good idea have made the artist trying to join this two mythical animals in one tattoo. Color red begins flaming the tail and finishes giving a color orange to the head. I like the wings. Good design. Enjoy.

Phoenix Tattoo Design in Fire

I have no words to express what I feel when I look to this Phoenix Tattoo. This one is the most beautiful design of a Phoenix I have ever seen in my life. That concept of making fire forming a Phoenix Bird is driving me crazy. I really love this tattoo because of its originality, color and design.

I hope you enjoyed these Phoenix Tattoo Designs 101. Stay tuned for more articles like this. Keep loving tattoos and remember to send this post to your friends. Good bye.

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Maori Tattoo Design 101

Good Maori Tattoo Designs 101 for you.

Three good Maori Tattoos representing various meanings in this kind of Philosophy. I like Maori Tattoo Designs because their ideas and concepts always have some message inside their lines, giving to the user some "extra" protection against enemies. Ho.

So, please, enjoy.

+ + + + +

Maori Tattoo Design and Turtles

Extraordinary Maori Tattoo this one. Quality of design is really awesome and combination of lines and curves is fantastic. Four turtles are making the basic concept to build this tattoo and the waves above are shaping the way these animals live in the sea. Very good work. Enjoy.

Black Maori Tattoo Design Mask

This Maori Tattoo is about a Maori Mask representing some kind of God. Lines and curves are perfect in this pure black design. Good concept and idea. Enjoy and make a comment.

Fossil Maori Tattoo Design

This Maori Tattoo makes me remember an extinguished fish or a fossil. I think the artist thought the same at the moment. The design is good and very original. I like it. Enjoy.

American Tattoos is everything about your Maori Tattoo Design Hobby. Subscribe by Email to follow my blog and be informed every time I make a new post. By your part, send this article to your friends and comment. See you later, folks. More posts like this will be posted soon. Take care and good bye.

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Enjoy this Nevada Tattoo Expo Calendar and play the game from Reno to Las Vegas touring all the state and making new friends by the way, because the Tattoo Conventions in Nevada are going to explode this year showing their fantastic tattoo stuff, live entertainment and unexpected things. Don't hesitate to carry on your eyeglasses and your baggage to the State of Nevada and to take part of these Tattoo Events that will last forever in your mind. So, please, enjoy and comment.

The Biggest Tattoo Show in Las Vegas NV

The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth 2012

When: October 26th, 27th and 28th, 2012

Where: Mirage Resort and Casino‎

3400 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rock The Ink 2012 in Laughlin

When: September 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2012

Where: Edgewater Hotel and Casino

2020 South Casino Drive, Laughlin, NV 89029

3rd Rock The Arts Festival in Las Vegas

When: July 4th, 2012

Where: Luxor Hotel Festival Grounds

3900 Las Vegas Blvd, South Las Vegas, NV 89119

Reno Rockabilly Riot Tattoo Expo in Reno NV

Reno Rockabilly Riot Tattoo Show 2012

When: June 15th, 16th and 17th, 2012

Where: The Grand Sierra Resort

2500 East 2nd Street, Reno, NV 89595


Lady Luck Tattoo Arts Expo 2012 in Reno

When: March 16th, 17th and 18th, 2012

Where: Circus Circus Hotel and Casino Reno‎

500 North Sierra Street, Reno, NV 89503

I'm sure more Tattoo Expos will appear in the Nevada's horizon very soon. Stay tuned to American Tattoos and this post just to know more details about. I'm updating these series of calendars very frequently so, I recommend you to Subscribe by Email below.

The Tattoo World is requesting for your presence in New Jersey because tons and tons of great tattoo stuff and live entertainment will be displayed at the Tattoo Events below. So, enjoy, comment and share this post.

Inked Out New Jersey Tattoo Show

2012 Inked Out New Jersey Tattoo Show

When: October 12th, 13th and 14th, 2012

Where: Meadowlands Exposition Center

355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ 07094

Wildwood Tattoo Expo NJ

3rd Annual Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash

When: September 7th, 8th and 9th, 2012

Where: Wildwoods Convention Center

4501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ 08260

Visionary Tattoo Arts Fest NJ

3rd Annual Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival

When: July 27th, 28th and 29th, 2012

Where: Asbury Park Convention Hall‎

1300 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

Featuring Artists: Chet Zar from Monrovia, California and Fred Harper from New York, NY. Alex Feliciano, Alex Marquez, Alex Harris, Aaron Is, Billy Toler, Carl Grace, Clayton Howell and more. This Tattoo Convention will host more than 150 famous tattoo artists for on site tattooing, fabulous live music and live painting. Thousands of Tattoo Lovers will enjoy 3 days of great Tattoo Stuff.

Entertainment: Live Urban Art Experiment, Suspension by Skin Mechanics, Visionary Primitive Live Painting, The Rhinestone Follies Burlesque, Disgraceland Family Freakshow, Dr. Sketcky's Anti-Art School and much more at the event. Be prepared to receive great surprises.

Share this New Jersey Tattoo Expo Calendar with your friends and Subscribe by Email to my blog if you like the Tattoo Ambient. Check back this calendar frequently, just to know details about new Tattoo Conventions and Body Art Expos in this state. Well, see you later, my friends. Good bye an take care.

Richmond Tattoo Expo

Crazy things expected to happen at the 20th Annual Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival this November 2012.

And you'll soon find out it's true: lots of great tattoo stuff and live entertainment to reach high at the convention, waiting for thousands of tourists and national and international tattoo lovers. If you're living near to Richmond, Virginia, congratulations! If not, hurry up to buy your tickets now.

+ + + + +

Richmond Tattoo Expo

20th Annual Richmond Tattoo Arts Fest

When: November 16th, 17th and 18th, 2012

Where: Greater Richmond Convention Center

403 North Third Street, Richmond, VA 23219

Starts Friday, Nov 16th, 2012 - 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.,

Follows Saturday, Nov 17th, 2012 - 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.,

Finish Sunday, Nov 18th, 2012 - 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

This great Tattoo Event is produced and organized by Flaco Productions, LLC, and was started by Crazy Ace Daniels and Billy Eason years ago. Absolute Arts Tattoo and Jack Browns Tattoo Revival will support organizers with all the matters of the convention, hosted at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Great Tattoo Artists from great Tattoo Shops have confirmed their participation at the expo so, it's recommended that you contact these artists with anticipation if you want to get inked at the convention by one of them. Artists like Hanna Aitchison, Mike Wilson and Josh Brown will be present for live tattooing.

Richmond Tattoo Expo Poster 1 Richmond Tattoo Expo Poster 2 Richmond Tattoo Expo Poster 3

The posters above are from past festivals in Richmond. Very good designs and ideas but poster from 2012 edition is shining by its absence. May be we'll get it in the next weeks. The first one is my favorite, the wild girl and the sense of terror are awesome. The third one is good too, very original.

Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival Video Clip

More information, pics and videos of the 20th Annual Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival will be added to this post soon. Stay tuned to American Tattoos and keep loving the Tattoo World. See you later.

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Marked for Life Female Tattoo Expo

Celebrating its 18th birthday, the famous "Marked for Life" Female Tattoo Artist Expo will explode in Orlando, Florida, as soon as 2013 arrives to the United States.

Think bigger and follow your instincts (or may I mean your tattoos?) just to shine out with your presence at the 18th Annual International "Marked for Life" Female Tattoo Artist Expo. Prepare to show your tattoos and to make new friends.

+ + + + +

Marked for Life Female Tattoo Expo Poster 1

18th "Marked for Life"

Female Tattoo Artist Expo

When: January 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th, 2013

Where: Holiday Inn Orlando

12125 High Tech Avenue, Orlando, FL 32817

Like any other great Tattoo Expo in Florida, the 18th "Marked for Life" Female Tattoo Artist Expo will have a fabulous resonance this January, 2013. National and International media coverage is confirmed to assist.

This Tattoo Show is presented by the host of Deanna Lippens from Deana's Skin Art Studio, the only Tattoo Shop in Christmas, Florida. This studio has had good experiences with tattoo expos in the past so, this 18th edition will have the same great results. "You can do it, too!" is the slogan of the expo so, you can imagine what is expected to happen this January, 2013.

17th Marked for Life Female Tattoo Artist Expo 2012 Poster

American Tattoos will follow very close this Tattoo Event just to inform you about changes or updates. The Tattoo World is changing constantly and we need to stay in guard.

"Marked for Life" Female Tattoo Artist Expo 18th Edition is headed to be hosted at the Holiday Inn in Orlando, Florida. Cover for one day pass is $15.00 USD but you can buy 3 or 4 day pass and save something like 5 to 10 bucks. Kids under 15 will pass free (with paid adult ticket).

That's all my friends. Subscribe by email to my blog in the form below and keep loving tattoos. Don't forget to comment and share this post with your friends. Good bye.

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Cross Tattoo Design 101

These are the Cross Tattoo Designs 101.

Three fantastic Cross Tattoo ideas for your tattoo hobby, holding contemporary concepts mixed with the older times and following the tribal and classic lines in some cases. Make a good work analyzing these designs and write down your comments.

An please, be happy.

+ + + + +

Classic Cross Tattoo Design

Excellent Cross Tattoo in grayscale. No colors were used in here but the design and concept are beautiful. You can put any text you like in the band that encircles the cross. I love how the shadows in the perimeter and the body were used in here. Great design and concept. Enjoy this master piece.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Design

This Cross Tattoo Design is based in the Celtic Culture, as you can see. This is the classic Celtic Cross showing the sacred circle at the center. Beyond the perimeter, the color black is covering the cross in a beautiful manner. Great tattoo that deserves your attention. Very good design.

Tribal Cross Tattoo Design and Heart

Originality and beauty are the perfect words to describe this Cross Tattoo. A red heart shines at the center of the cross and some purple lines are representing something similar to fire. This is a good and cute tribal design of a modern cross painted in black. Enjoy.

Well, that's all my friends. Keep loving these Cross Tattoo Designs and Subscribe by Email to follow my blog. Take care and be careful of the monsters out there. Good bye.

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Star Tattoo Design 101

Good Star Tattoo Designs 101.

It's a very common fact that people like Star Tattoos and everything related to the sky or heavens, like the moon or planets combined with stars. Well, write down your comments about these three Star Tattoo Ideas and expect for more very soon.

Enjoy, share this post and comment.

+ + + + +

Star Tattoo Design Purple

The color purple in this Star Tattoo denotes sexiness and attractiveness and the black curved lines give to this design even more category. Other small stars surround the bigger one. Very good tattoo. One of my favorites and very recommended if you want to impress someone. Enjoy and comment.

Star Tattoo Design and Fire

Very strong concept and good color combination in this Star Tattoo. Abstract black fire is represented in the background with some little curves at the center. The central big star is the principal attraction in this tattoo. Good work and idea for this summer. Enjoy please.

Black Star Tattoo Design and Arrows

This Star Tattoo in black color only likes me a lot. Combination of curves, lines and arrows is really impressive. Very original concept and creativity.

Be careful of the monsters out there and await for more Star Tattoo Designs in here. Subscribe by Email to my blog and send this post to your friends. See you later mates. Good bye.

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Mermaid Tattoo Design 101

Time for Mermaid Tattoo Designs 101.

Three good Mermaid Tattoo Ideas featuring excellent designs about these mythical women very beloved by sailors and poets. Beautiful eyes, bodies, faces and even tails are holding good concepts to deserve the right to be part of your body and flesh.

So, enjoy, share this post and comment.

+ + + + +

Mermaid Tattoo Design in the Sea

Excellent Mermaid Tattoo representing a mermaid girl floating in the sea and surrounded by fishes. She only shows her back but I like her long black hair anyway. Good job and idea. Enjoy.

Mermaid Tattoo Design and Anchor

This Mermaid Tattoo features a Mermaid around a giant anchor. Grayscale colors were used in here but the idea and concept is great. Long hair in the girl is covering one half of her face only.

Beautiful Mermaid Tattoo Design and Fishes

This design is extraordinary beautiful for a Mermaid Tattoo. Very creative and original. The Mermaid Girl is one of the cutest girls I've ever seen on my life. Her hair is not son long but it gives her some feeling of nostalgia. She is surrounded by fishes, jellyfishes and crabs. I like this one very much. Enjoy.

More posts like these Mermaid Tattoo Designs will be posted very soon, stay tuned in this blog. Don't forget to share this article with your friends. See you later and keep loving tattoos. God bye.

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Heart Tattoo Design 101

A good handful of Heart Tattoo Designs 102 for you.

This group of Heart Tattoos were designed especially to mark your life with something that can represents your loving life. But, obviously, you are not obligated to put in your skin some body's name (making this is a very dangerous matter).

So please, enjoy and comment.

+ + + + +

Heart Tattoo Design Angel Wings

Great Heart Tattoo designed with wings and tail. This design has an angelical concept at the center and seems to look like a tribal butterfly. Very original and authentic. Enjoy and comment.

Heart Tattoo Design Roses

Only grayscale colors were used to design this Heart Tattoo but still looks great and smart. The roses besides give it even more category to be included in your body. There are two bands in the tattoo, designed to host your name or your partner's name or any kind of message you like. Enjoy.

Heart Tattoo Design Chains

Very original concept and design were used in this Heart Tattoo. Chains and tribal wings at the top decorate it. A keyhole and a crossing dagger make you think about the great possibilities of this Heart Tattoo to be used in love heartaches. Additionally, there is a band at the center just to put your name or your partner's name in there (if you can). Good design and concept. Enjoy and comment.

That's all for now, folks. Keep loving tattoos, comment, share and be happy. You need to Subscribe by Email if you want to follow my blog. Good bye and take care.

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Aries Tattoo Design 101

Some Aries Tattoo Designs 101.

These Occidental Zodiac Tattoos referring to the sign of Aries were made by the artists thinking in your personality and the things that made you different. I don't know how does it feels to be an Aries since I'm a Taurus but enjoy the post if you are one of them.

Share with your friends and comment.

+ + + + +

Aries Tattoo Design Tribal

This Aries Tattoo Design is a classic representation of a ram in black. Very typical for an Aries person, the design and concept is beautiful. I like this kind of tattoos. Simple and awesome. Enjoy.

Aries Tattoo Design Flowers

I think women would like this Aries Tattoo. Very feminine design adorned with pink flowers and pale greens. The sign that represents Aries looks some kind mysterious. Good design and concept.

Aries Tattoo Design Black

Another good tattoo design of an Aries symbol, in black. Some tribal lines construct this Aries Tattoo to represent the face and horns of a ram looking directly at you. Enjoy and comment.

That's all for now, my friends. More Aries Tattoo Designs will be posted soon for you in here. See you later mates. Keep enjoying my blog and share this post with your friends. Good bye.

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Flower Tattoo Design 101

Time for the Flower Tattoo Designs 101.

Flower Tattoos are rising in popularity in the last time due to a great increase in female tattoos demand. Majority of these designs are used by women and girls whose preferences fall into butterflies and flowers combination, among others.

So, enjoy and comment.

+ + + + +

Colorful Flower Tattoo Design

Special design of a group of flowers in this Flower Tattoo. The color and concept is great, very original. This one is gonna stay at my favorite's vault in McAllen, TX, ho, ho, ho. Shadows are impressive too.

Tribal Flower Tattoo Design in Black

This Flower Tattoo was designed in pure black with some little gray shadows adorning the butterfly at the top. Great design and concept. Three black flowers stay at the center and then some leaves rise from the lines that construct the entire tattoo. Very original and cute. Enjoy.

Flower Tattoo Design Butterfly

Thirteen flowers adorn this Flower Tattoo and three butterflies are searching for nectar at the top. Good tattoo and concept but I think some color in there would be better. Enjoy anyway.

More Flower Tattoo Designs will be posted in here very soon, just follow this blog and make a comment to know your impressions. See you later, folks. Happy tattooing sessions. Good bye.

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Eagle Tattoo Design 101

Featuring now Eagle Tattoo Designs 101.

American Eagle, American Symbol, American Proud. Eagle Tattoos are more than simple colored drawings in your flesh, they mean strength of spirit, passion for adventure and freedom. They give you elegance mixed with Indiana Jones and more.

So, please, enjoy, comment and share.

+ + + + +

American Eagle Tattoo Design

Simple head of an eagle with some tribal lines in black. This Eagle Tattoo represents the American Eagle character and its pleasure for freedom. I like this design colors and shadows. Enjoy.

Tribal Eagle Tattoo Design

This beautiful design of a Black Tribal Eagle Tattoo holding a red circle is one of my favorites. Very original and charismatic, the eagle's tail is represented like an arrow. Good tattoo.

Black Eagle Tattoo Design

This Eagle Tattoo in pure black represents an eagle preparing to reach its prey. I think this design was elaborated more for tribal design but it's good anyway. I like the eagle's wings and the head in this tattoo, very original and charismatic concept by the artist. Enjoy and comment.

More posts under this tag will be posted soon. Eagle Tattoos are beautiful and smart. Follow our updates Subscribing by Email. See you later, folks. Good bye and thank you.

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