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Dragon Tattoo Design 103

Time for Dragon Tattoo Designs 103.

Bad and good, black and white, three beautiful Dragon Tattoo Ideas for your entertainment. If you like this kind of tattoos, you will get surprised to know about these designs. Share your opinion with others about this post and comment.

And, please, be happy.

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Devil Dragon Tattoo Design

This fantastic Dragon Tattoo was made and used by the same artist who designed. The wings and the tail of the Dragon couldn't be better, and the head looks like some medieval monster. Being made in pure black gives to this tattoo even more character and charisma. Excellent work and design.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design

The way this Dragon Tattoo takes to shape its own form is driving me crazy. Only a handful of curves are enough to give us one of the best Dragon Tattoo Designs I've seen on my life. Very original, simple and creative, this master piece represents any tattoo lover's dream. Enjoy please.

Black Dragon Tattoo Design

Another pure black Dragon Tattoo designed in Tribal concepts. The head of this Dragon looks like a Chinese one. The wings are wide and big and the tail is smaller than other designs. Good.

I hope you enjoyed these Dragon Tattoo Designs 103. More will be added very soon, stay tuned. Share this post with your friends and don't forget to make a comment. Good bye.

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