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Angel wings tattoo comes in different designs suited for men and women. It also designed in different sizes from small to full size that could cover up your entire back. In like manner, angel tattoos have different meaning to different people. For some people it signifies morality and spirituality as well as religious faith. For others, an angel represents departed loved ones but it also symbolizes beauty and peace.

Before you decide on getting angel wings tattoo it is necessary that you look first the different designs that you will treasure for long years. You can find the different designs from websites and all you have to do is to print it the design you like and bring it to the tattoo artist. It is also good for you to know that the wings of different angels vary from each other. No matter what type of angel wings you use the main thing that is in your mind is that it protects you from evil forces.

Personalize Your Own Style

On the other hand, when you use Cherubs wings it signifies love. Oftentimes the design appears with an arrow that seems directly shoots the heart of your loved ones. However, you can make this tattoo design personalized depending on your preference. In this sense, it is essential that you decide why you like to have this design. Where do you want it to place in your body as well as what inspires you to have it inked in your body?

Show It Off On Your Bare Back Tops

Ideally, angel wings tattoo is commonly placed on your back either it is in a close or open position across your shoulder or lower back. However, this design is not limited on your back because you can also put it on your arms, chest and shoulder or anywhere you prefer. You can choose tiny wings inked in the upper part of your back or big wings that could cover your entire back. In order to obtain best result, let the tattoo artists make a sketch of the design before you ink it in your back.

Angels tattoo designs have been quite popular for the females. However, the lure of getting an angel wings tattoo design has had a much bigger pull nowadays. An angel's wing plays a big part in conveying the spirituality and mystery surrounding the heavenly being. Hence, it is only natural that most people prefer to settle for a pair of wings and still get the full effect of a fully inked angel.

Wings of Angels basically represent the triumph of good over evil. However, for the females - and males who choose to sport this tattoo design, the reason behind the symbol varies. There are those who see the ink as permanent protection, a symbol of the guardian angel watching over them. Others deem it as a representation of someone important in their life.

The most common placement of the angel wings tattoo design is that inscribed on the back. A logical move since this is their original location. However, others may choose to place it in varying body parts ranging from the lower back, shoulders or even on the ankles. Because of the varying sizes of the design, it's quite possible for the symbol to be placed on any body part. If you want the full angel effect, then this symmetrical design should cover the whole of your back. For those who do not want a large piece but would still like the full effect, you may place a small one at the corner of each shoulder.

Most angel wings are depicted in symmetrical designs. However, browsing through hordes of tattoo sites you will find patterns that lean towards the unique. In some galleries, you will find unsymmetrical angel wings that hold a message all on their own. Although this may not be your choice at first glance, a pair of angel wings with different patterns allow for a twist in the well loved design.

This particular design is usually depicted in shades of black and white. Basically, this is because angels are usually depicted as beings in full white regalia. However, blue works as well as any dark color you may choose to use. The play of colors may also be used to infuse the illusion of movement to the tattoo. Some designs are specifically made to be three dimensional, implying that the wings are in flight.

Angel wings tattoos are in every way as beautiful as a full bodied angel ink. The classic design is exquisite in its simplicity yet the amount of detail poured into every design is unique in itself. It's also possible for you to place your own twist to the angel wings theme, incorporating various designs with the basic ink. Such is the case with Nicky Hilton who placed a winged heart on her right wrist. The same could be done for virtually any other symbol.

Nowadays people have their bodies tattooed for the main purpose of just having something there for people to look at. There is no significance and no feeling. It is just there. Here we will be discussing the angel wings tattoo, what you should know, and the significance of the angel wings tattoo. Maybe people will look at tattoos in a different light and if there is a meaning behind the one you have, then you would agree that it is powerful and significant.

One very popular category is the angel wings tattoo. Getting one on your body is not that simple and not as easy as you would think when getting a completely different tattoo. You cannot just walk into a parlor, point one out and want it. You have to know that there are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to the right pair of wings.

Let's have a look at the significance of this tattoo. The significance of the tattoo is always important, so remember that if it doesn't have a meaning that appeals to you, why would you want to have it permanently on your body? The meaning behind the tattoo will affect and influence how the tat looks. There are many reasons behind this type of tattoo, and if you know exactly what you are after then you should not have a problem selecting the right one.

Despite its design, the angel wings tattoo symbolizes quite a few values and ideas. You may want your pair of wings because it symbolizes morality, purity, protection, religion, beauty and strength. Angel wings also symbolize perfection. There is a wide selection of tattoo designs to go through before you find the right wings for you.

There is also one important significance of the angel wings tattoo. It also signifies someone who is aspiring for a higher something. Let that "something" be anything more that the person doesn't have in life and wants something material or a goal. There is always something in life that a person wants. It could be an achievement or anything, or something you have dreamed about.

You will find that a few people will have the angel wings tattoo with a few additional tattoos. These tattoos people put together signify a whole different importance. It could be there and act as a remembrance of a certain person who passed over or moved away.

For other people the thought of having an angel wings tattoo has personal preference and it is that person's way of expressing beauty and style. This is where the perfection symbolism comes in. If you are a bible reader, you might have come across many stories and the different kinds of artistic angels. The design of the tattoo will obviously depend on the artist and his/her interpretation of the specific angel.

It is said that the word tattoo means that you mark something forever. Therefore, this history of tattoos is directly related to have a special decorative mark which makes us unique. Human beings have wanted to be extraordinary since the first member of our species appeared on earth. Most tattoos are made by inserting some particular colored materials under the skin. These tattoos have been differently interpreted in several cultures around the world but the main feeling centers on the fact how we feel or what we want our facade to be. Generally, they are made during a particular moment of people's lives. There are thousands of tattoo designs around the world but there is one which is very popular and has its own history: Angel wings tattoo. People who have an angel wings tattoo know that they have a special distinctive mark forever.

This incredible design has also a wide range of varieties, which have changed through the centuries. Its history is very old and angel wings tattoo was prohibited thousands of years ago.

Archeologists have found mummies with angel wings tattoo all over the world. Many of them are more than 3,000 years old. Angel wings tattoos have always had a special symbolism for different cultures and it can be seen in museums and institutes where the tattoos meaning is studied as source of beliefs and rituals. Moreover, tattoos have been also an artistic tool for those who consider decorated skin a symbol of beauty.

On the other hand, today the angel wings tattoo are mostly chosen by women who want to show their spiritual side or who think that these wings can offer them a naive look. They can be of varied nature - black or colorful and big or small. They can also be added to other main designs to complete a bigger tattoo.

Additionally, most young women who decide to get an angel wings tattoo try to add their personal touch to the design in order to create the perfect angel wings tattoo which conveys their personality. In general, these are picked by women but there are also men who decide to be an angel on earth!

Generally, we connect angels with kindness and wisdom but in fact, angel wings tattoos have not been always considered a sign of benevolence. First of all, it is believed that the first angels were not described as winged creatures thousands of years ago. However, artists who have wanted to express the magnificence of those creatures who brought incredible news to human beings started drawing them with wings and since them angels tattoos have been required everywhere.

Winged angels can be found in all type of artwork. Novels, comic books, movies and panting because tattoos are the perfect frame that people have to express the admiration we feel towards angels. Therefore, it is understandable that we want to have wings too! Angel wings tattoo is quite stunning. It is capable of imparting its beauty to those persons who wear it in their skin. The tattoos are commonly worn at the back. However some people prefer their tattoos to be on other parts of their body.

Angel wings tattoo designs are another popular category to pick a tattoo image from. As some know though, getting an angel's wings on your skin is not as simple as going to a parlor and asking for one. There are some things you need to have in mind for you to get the right one.


Even if you have never been a Bible reader, popular stories would tell you that there are different kinds of artistic renditions of angels. The design of an angel wings tattoo will of course depend on the kind of angel as interpreted by an artist. You can have an archangel's wings which might appear large, encompassing and powerful since archangels are the highest angels. You might also prefer a guardian angel's wings that may be in a protective pose and with a lighter color than other wing designs. Cherubim and seraphim wings are smaller than other types. A final option would be either angel of death wings or fallen angel wings which would both appear bolder and darker.


The type of angel wings tattoo that you want is not the only one that will influence your tattoo's appearance. Different cultural and artistic influences as well as the artist's own imagination could also determine how your angel wings tattoo will look. Your tattoo could have elements of tribal, gothic, abstract or even avant garde styles. Since no one has ever really seen real angel wings, your tattoo artist would of course also have his own personal notions of what a specific angel type's wings would look. His concept might not be the same as yours. Be sure that you know exactly what you want before you get your angel wings tattoo.


One of the most important considerations you should have for your angel wings tattoo is its significance. What your tattoo stands for will influence how it will look. Here are some possible reasons why people get an angel wings tattoo:
  • Angel's wings have come to symbolize a couple of ideas and values. People may want them because they stand for purity, morality, religion, protection, strength and beauty. Of course, fallen angel wings would have a slightly different significance for their owners.
  • An angel wings tattoo might also signify aspiring for something higher. The wings may symbolize one day achieving that great personal dream.
  • Among a lot of individuals the wings of angels with other additional images may also stand as a remembrance for a significant person who has passed away.
  • For others, an angel wings tattoo is simply a personal preference and an expression of style and beauty.


A final consideration for your angel wings tattoo would be its placement. One of the most popular areas to place such a tattoo would be on the back. In a way, this placement mimics the idea that wings really are found on the back. Depending on your wing type, you could have a full back tattoo stretching from your shoulders to your hips. You could also get small cherubim wings on your upper back or on the back of your neck. Other body parts however might also look good with an angel's wings. You could put one on your arm, ankle or lower back.

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Bat Tattoo Design 103

Gothic Bat Tattoo Designs 103.

Coming directly from the Dark Ages of Vlad the Vampire and Dracula, these Bat Tattoos are mixing the power of Blasphemy, Darkness and Mystery into one single concept: Originality.

So please, start sharing this post and these designs through your social circles and keep enjoying my blog.

+ + + + +

Devil Bat Tattoo Design

Extraordinary design of a big Bat extending its Wings like a Master Vampire preparing to attack its prey. Gothic, Diabolic and very Dark, this Tattoo deserves the biggest award possible in the World.

Bat Tattoo Design in Black

The artist who design this Tattoo used to think about Dracula and Romania's Dark Heaven in its drawing sessions, that's the reason of the Moon and Stars in the background. Very good work. Enjoy.

Mystery Bat Tattoo Design

Completely black and obscure, this Bat seems to be dancing along side the shapes in the background. A little white Heart is at the very center of its chest, and the Wings extend to the limit, simulating forced flying.

Vampire Bat Tattoo Design

Only a shadow, only a silhouette, but this design represents a Bat flying through other dimension, may be the Twilight Zone, or some other unknown place. Pure black again, but very good. Enjoy.

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Heavenly Maori Tattoo Designs 103.

Dragons, Birds, Waves and Weird Things are featuring these Maori Tattoos that will last forever in your heart and skin. You won't regret any, I'm sure, because the artists behind them were inspired by the Highest Gods of Earth.

So please, scroll down and enjoy.

+ + + + +

This is a Maori version of a Dragon, very symbolic and abstract. The design is beautiful and original, and the red color inside is contrasting perfectly against Maori shapes and curves. Extraordinary.

If a Bird is something worth to design in a Maori Tattoo, this one is the perfect choice for a talented Maori Artist. This master piece is really awesome and charismatic enough to be inked. Enjoy please.

It seems to be just a draft, but this Maori Tattoo is a good representation of a Sea Wave, and I think it would look great in your shoulder or ankle. Don't be disappointed by the absence of color, it's good anyway.

This one is a Full Back Maori Tattoo Design. All in this creation is perfect and synchronized with the Philosophy of the Four Elements: Water, Air, Earth and Wind. Very good design.

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