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Anchor Tattoo Design 101

Time for Anchor Tattoo Designs 101.

Three different Tattoo proposals for different situations and tastes. These Anchor Tattoos are playing with Skulls, Roses, Ropes and even Sailor Girls. If you think that only Popeye like Anchor Tattoos, think again and and start enjoying these designs.

So, please, comment and be happy.

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Skull Anchor Tattoo Designs

In this Anchor Tattoo, both designs have a skull at the top supported by the wood in the intersection. Strong chains and ropes were used in here just to give more character to the tattoo. I like the spearheads in both anchors. Good designs. This master piece is a real Anchor Tattoo Design.

Colorful Anchor Tattoo Design

Beautifully colored (the only one of these series), this Anchor Tattoo was adorned with red roses and a big rope trying to make an S, just to combine perfectly. Anchor's color is great too. Good work. Enjoy.

Anchor Ink Tattoo Design

This one is my favorite in this post. The artist made it for a famous Tattoo Shop. I think the model couldn't be better and the Anchor design is really awesome too. Some kind of bird is flying beside the lady's hand and some flowers are laying down at the logo's text. Excellent tattoo creation.

That's all my friends, I promise to publish more Anchor Tattoo Designs like these very soon. Subscribe by Email to follow my blog and share this post with your friends. Good bye.

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