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Dolphin Tattoo Design 101

Attractive Dolphin Tattoo Designs 101.

I used to think that Dolphins and Killer Whales were something vague to ink in your skin but now I'm sure that these kind of marine animals are one of the best God's creations to draw in a good tattoo (and in your body, of course).

So please, enjoy these designs and be happy.

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Tribal Dolphin Tattoo Design

A couple of Tribal Dolphins jumping together out of the water. The sea waves are very representative, like a cartoon frame. Very good Dolphin Tattoo Design. The pure black color give it more character and energy.

Dolphin Tattoo Design in Black

This one is another good Tribal Dolphin Tattoo Design. The design includes some little touches of blue, just to represent reflections and shines. Excellent design and idea. Enjoy please.

Dragon Dolphin Tattoo Design

The only one Dolphin Tattoo of this series that has color. They are a Dragon and a Dolphin playing games on the air and interchanging movements. The author wanted to make some absurd painting of the Ying and Yang in this tattoo, originally, but I think the final work idea is better, isn't it?

Expect more Dolphin Tattoo Designs in the next weeks and share this in your social circles. Remember to make a comment and Subscribe by Email if you like. Good bye and take care.

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Genuine Heart Tattoo Designs

Mysterious Flying Bears, without a doubt, true Winged along with Real Cardiovascular system Tattoos for you highest very good. Search decrease and take any glance if anyone want to be able to ink quite a few little memento concerning anyone caring lifestyle because, simply because you may understand, we live only once. 

Take a seat and start choosing.

Heart Tattoo Design Wings

Beautiful colours, Wings, Heart in addition to comments are presenting to be able to our eyes the most lovely Cardiovascular Tattoos I have ever before seen. Definitively, this skin image rocks by simply alone! Very excellent design. Just end up being careful to put the proper titles on the inside the particular yellowish companies because, you know, very little regrets granted. Consequently you should, take pleasure in. 

Wings Heart Tattoo Design Burning

This Heart Tattoo is also cool and awesome. The central Heart seems to be burning in a bonfire and the great Wings are preparing to start the fly. Only gray scale colors were used in here. This design is very good.

Belly Heart Tattoo Design

Colorful, symbolic and very feminine this Heart Tattoo Design. The black curves and shapes are contrasting in a pretty good manner against the light colors of the Hearts. Extraordinary Tattoo Design. Enjoy.

Tribal Heart Tattoo Design

Tribal and dominantly black and, besides, some little touches of purple. In this tattoo, the big Heart at the center is taking the principal role and the black tribal shapes seem to be air currents passing by.

I hope you liked these Heart Tattoo Designs Keep loving tattoos and don't forget to be careful of the monsters out there. Make a comment below if you like. Good bye.
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Butterfly Tattoo Design 101

Very great Butterfly Tattoo Designs 101.

Beautiful creations, pretty good Wings and fantastic concepts are making of these Butterfly Tattoos something you need to get into your flesh. Tattoos are forever, and so are your decisions, so please, scroll down and see by yourself.

Don't forget to comment.

+ + + + +

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo Design

This Butterfly Tattoo was designed by a very inspired artist who like to make extraordinary things. Beautiful and unusual Wings in blue make me remember the heavens above my head. I think this tattoo is perfect in all aspects. Enjoy and comment this master piece. Be sure to share this post.

Gothic Butterfly Tattoo Design

Gothic Style Butterfly Tattoo Design. Pure black and very adorned this tattoo, special for people who like too many curves, shapes and lines in a design. The concept is good, and also the heavy Wings.

Black Butterfly Tattoo Design

Only a black silhouette is enough to represent a flying Butterfly with modern and Tribal Wings preparing to land in some little flower or tree. This tattoo will look great in your shoulder, I' sure.

Butterfly Tattoo Design Baroque

This one looks like a Michelangelo Sculpture, and seems to be part of a Baroque Church. Very good Butterfly Tattoo, I like the Wings, divided into four sections. Enjoy this design.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs are one of the most searched tattoos online so, stay tuned to my blog for more stuff like this and Subscribe by Email to follow new posts. Keep loving tattoos and be happy. Bye.

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Yes. Time for originality and craziness to appear in here among these Tribal Tattoo Ideas for your soul. Beautiful shapes and symbols, Maori concepts blended in Tribal lines and curves, are the new stars in this blog, just awaiting for you.

Quit your boredom and take a look.

Tribal Skull Tattoo Design

Simulating a Mask or a Skull, this Tribal Tattoo Design is astounding in every aspect of its shape. Lines and curves are perfectly designed in pure black and symmetry is awesome. Enjoy this.

Tribal Maori Tattoo Design

I don't know if this master piece is under a Maori or a Tribal group, or both, but I think your arm or shoulder will look extraordinary if you get inked this tattoo. Very good design with great symbols inside.

Tribal Tattoo Design in Black

Another good Tribal Tattoo in pure black and some little touch of red in every border. Only curves were used in here but in a great way. This creation is cute, simple and very original.

Tribal Tattoo Designs are finishing this time but expect more stuff like this in the next weeks. For now, just send this post to your friends and Subscribe by Email if you like to follow updates. See you later.

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Angel Tattoo Design 103

Celestial Angel Tattoo Designs 103.

Mixing Wings and Celestial Beings always has give us, as a product, one of the most beautiful creations that Mankind has ever seen. Angels. Yes, whether an Angel Boy, and Angel Girl or even an Angel Baby, you feel the same thing every time: Happiness.

So, please, enjoy and be happy.

+ + + + +

Baby Angel Tattoo Design

This Baby Angel Tattoo is great in every aspect of its shape. It's only a baby taking a nap in Heavens and dreaming about good things, I hope. This is a good work. Congratulations to the artist.

Tribal Angel Tattoo Design

This Angel Tattoo Design looks weird and rare thanks to the Tribal lines that are covering the central girl. The Wings, however, are beautiful and excellently designed along the full tattoo. Enjoy and comment this one.

Praying Angel Tattoo Design

Color absence is not enough to depreciate this grayscale creation. An Angel Girl meditating or praying, a couple of pretty Angelical Wings and some other bands ready to receive your message or name must be enough to put this master piece in your shoulders or wherever you like more, right?

Angel Tattoo Design in Black

Only black colors in here but the girl representing the Angel is cute, and the Wings are making me remember those good tribal shapes I have seen before in other Angel Tattoos. Anyway, enjoy.

More Angel Tattoo Designs will be posted in American Tattoos very soon. I recommend you to Subscribe by Email if you like my blog. Share this post with your friends and take care. Good bye.

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