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Flower Tattoo Design 102

Time for the Flower Tattoo Designs 102.

Good designs and concepts for Flower Tattoo Lovers Worldwide. Colors, leaves and different species of flowers take part of the tattoo ideas below. Don't hesitate to comment about the designs and be happy for the rest of the day.

So please, enjoy.

+ + + + +

Bass Clef Flower Tattoo Design

This Flower Tattoo is formed by six strings and six music symbols. Additionally, twelve points are flying around the Wind Rose. This pure black tattoo is well designed and structured. Good work.

Colorful Flower Tattoo Design

5 beautiful flowers and a couple of black leaves are enough to represent these Flower Tattoo. Different colors and species in the same tattoo doesn't mean variety, I think the artist wanted to show his artistic abilities to the public. Those Tribal Lines in the background are great too. Enjoy.

Flower Tattoo Design in Grey

Absence of color and being a draft don't make this Flower Tattoo a bad thing to carry on your skin. The drawing is good and the flowers and leaves are well designed. Keep the good work.

Stay tuned for more Flower Tattoo Designs like these. Take care and keep loving tattoos. Remember to share this post with your friends and relatives. Good bye.

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Eagle Tattoo Design 102

Excellent Eagle Tattoo Designs 102.

Good designs, concepts and themes in these Eagle Tattoos. From Crowned Eagles to Tribal Birds, passing by Classic Designs and absence of color, the Tattoo Ideas below are ready to belong to your body and flesh.

Be happy and comment.

+ + + + +

Red Eagle Tattoo Design

Extraordinary Tattoo Design of an Eagle being hurt by a couple of Indian Arrows right there in the chest. Colors and shadows are really impressive in this Eagle Tattoo and the crowned sun at the top, behind the eagle's head, is some kind mystical and magical. The tail is also beautiful and the wings make me feel some artistic passion just to start drawing more tattoo designs. Very good creation. Enjoy.

Carpe Diem Eagle Tattoo Design

This one is a classic Eagle Tattoo Design in grayscale shadows only. Carpe - Diem is the message this eagle wants to display in that band. I like this design. Good work and concept.

Tribal Eagle Tattoo Design

This Eagle Tattoo represents a Black Eagle preparing to catch its prey. I don't know what those beautiful black shapes in the background represent but may be they are only making company to the eagle. The design is good and attractive anyway. Enjoy and comment.

I hope you enjoyed these Eagle Tattoo Designs 102. More of them will be added to this blog in the next weeks, stay tuned. See you later and remember to share this post in your circles. Bye.

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Angel Tattoo Design 102

Pretty good Angel Tattoo Designs 102.

These Tattoo Designs are making partnership with the Tribal lines of the Universe just to make you happy and proud of the Tattoo World. Angel and Tribal shapes is a very good combination that designers need to know more about.

Keep loving Angel Tattoos.

+ + + + +

Angel Tattoo Design Tribal 1

It looks like Iron Man using Wings but this Tribal Angel Tattoo Design is excellent in every aspect of its shape. Like all good Tribal Tattoos, this one is in pure black too. Very good design by the artist.

Angel Tattoo Design Tribal 2

I think this front version of the Tribal Angel Tattoo is better than the number one, the wings, shapes and lines are pretty good designed to represent a beautiful and angelical tattoo. Enjoy.

Angel Tattoo Design in Black

Another good Tribal Angel Tattoo but this time featuring a woman who seems to belong to "Metropolis", that classic and very famous German film. The design is good and excellently structured. Very original.

Keep enjoying my blog and have a good Tattoo Session in your favorite Tattoo Shop. More Angel Tattoo Designs will be posted in the next weeks. See you later, mates.

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Skull Tattoo Design 102

Good Skull Tattoo Designs 102.

If you have never seen a flying skull, you will see it in this post, because these Skull Tattoo Ideas are carrying different concepts about the magic of shadows and colors. Hurry up and scroll down this post just to see them working for you.

Be happy and take it easy.

+ + + + +

Gothic Skull Tattoo Design

In a Gothic style, this Skull Tattoo Design comes to be a good tattoo idea for your soul. I don't know what kind of shapes are in the background but they look awesome. The skull at the center is simple but great.

Skull Tattoo Design and Wings

Combination of Angel Wings, Flowers and a Skull is a good detail in this Skull Tattoo. Very subtle shadows are covering the absence of color in this design. Good work anyway.

Skull Tattoo Design and Roses

I never get tired to look at this Tattoo Design. You have grayscale shadows rather than colors and the lighting game is really fantastic. Very good work. The roses and leaves give it even more contrasting matters to this Skull Tattoo. I need to thank the artist for this master piece.

Well, see you later with more Skull Tattoo Designs my friends. Follow us by Email and send this post to your friends and relatives. Remember to make a comment. Good bye.

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Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design 101

Very cute Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs 101.

Coming from the Dark Ages of Ancient China and passing by the stones of the Great Wall, these Chinese Designs will give you some little and dirty tattoo ideas to show to your friends this weekend. Fire and dust are common factors in here.

Enjoy and comment.

+ + + + +

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design Kanji

For sure, I don't need to say any more about this Chinese Dragon Tattoo, you can see it very well. The design is extraordinary and its originality is really impressive. Everything inside this tattoo is awesome and beautiful: colors, lines, drawings and that sun at the top is crowning every technical aspect in this design. Some Kanji Symbols are present at the center and four planets were trapped by the Dragon in the front. Fire and dust are rising from the Dragon's body and the tail finish like a Phoenix Bird. Good work.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design and Moon

Another good Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design. This one is being surrounded by stars, roses, sunflowers, butterflies, leaves and even a dried tree. I like the artist idea in creating this tattoo and the colors he or she used to create this piece of art. Excellent design. Very artistic and creative. Enjoy.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design Sleeping

No great colors present in this master piece but grayscale shadows are enough to represent this beautiful Dragon Tattoo. The head of the beast is saying that this one is about a sleeping dragon resting in something as comfortable as clouds. Very original and smart.

That's all for now, my friends. I'm planning more Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs like these in the upcoming days. Please, share this post with your friends and be happy. Good bye.

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Now presenting these Tribal Tattoo Designs

Very good Tattoo Models just for this end of the week if you like to receive several Tribal Tattoo design Ideas that will enhance your seem. Several Zodiac aspects running out and about involving control and ridiculous cranium models are generating his or her company about this mad weblog. 

Just take a look and be happy.
Tribal Skull Tattoo Design

I like this Tribal Tattoo about a Punisher Skull. I don't know why the artist give this name to this design but combination of lines and shapes are great. Good work. Enjoy.

Autobot Tribal Tattoo Design

I certainly not had viewed the actual Transformers in a Tribal Tattoo, nonetheless brussels is usually referring to Autobots. The project is good along with very original. Natural african american and beautifully intended. Beneficial operate. 

Tribal Cancer Tattoo Design

If you are under the Zodiac Symbol of Cancer, I'm sure you'll like this Tribal Tattoo. Very good design and concept. Very original to carry on your flesh and personality. Enjoy.

If you liked this Tribal Tattoo Designs please make a comment and send this post to your friends via your social circles, they will thank you for the info. See you later and take care. Bye.

Maori Tattoo Design 102

Time for these Maori Tattoo Designs 102.

Three amazing Maori Tattoos to improve your life about different topics that, I' sure, you'll no regret in any way. Dragons, Scorpions and Suns are the commodities in these designs made absolutely to enhance your feelings and skin.

Just take a look and be happy.

+ + + + +

Maori Scorpion Tattoo Design

Need to say anymore about this Maori Tattoo? Extraordinary design of a Maori Scorpion in pure black, even its correspondent Zodiac Symbol of Scorpio is located at the center of that little white circle. Eight legs, one poisonous tail and a couple of pincers are making of this tattoo something you need to get inked right there in your flesh. Enjoy this beautiful master piece and comment something.

Maori Sun Tattoo Design

I don't know if this Maori Tattoo belongs to some kind of Ancient Culture but that smiling Sun is always represented in some famous Civilizations around the World. Grayscale only but good design anyway. It seems to be supported by three layers of Stars on the background. Enjoy.

Maori Dragon Tattoo Design

Just one Dragon represented in a Maori Tattoo, but I think this one is just the beginning of a long way, due to the great design above. Good work and colors. Symbolism of this tattoo is awesome.

Subscribe by Email and send these Maori Tattoo Designs to your friends. Remember to be happy and go to your favorite Tattoo Shop in company of your beloved ones. See you later.

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Dragon Tattoo Design 103

Time for Dragon Tattoo Designs 103.

Bad and good, black and white, three beautiful Dragon Tattoo Ideas for your entertainment. If you like this kind of tattoos, you will get surprised to know about these designs. Share your opinion with others about this post and comment.

And, please, be happy.

+ + + + +

Devil Dragon Tattoo Design

This fantastic Dragon Tattoo was made and used by the same artist who designed. The wings and the tail of the Dragon couldn't be better, and the head looks like some medieval monster. Being made in pure black gives to this tattoo even more character and charisma. Excellent work and design.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design

The way this Dragon Tattoo takes to shape its own form is driving me crazy. Only a handful of curves are enough to give us one of the best Dragon Tattoo Designs I've seen on my life. Very original, simple and creative, this master piece represents any tattoo lover's dream. Enjoy please.

Black Dragon Tattoo Design

Another pure black Dragon Tattoo designed in Tribal concepts. The head of this Dragon looks like a Chinese one. The wings are wide and big and the tail is smaller than other designs. Good.

I hope you enjoyed these Dragon Tattoo Designs 103. More will be added very soon, stay tuned. Share this post with your friends and don't forget to make a comment. Good bye.

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Pegasus Tattoo Design 101

Good Pegasus Tattoo Designs 101 for you.

Everybody knows who is Pegasus. Yes, that mythical winged white horse from the Ancient Greece that is renting its flying in some Hollywood Movies. Well, you have three different designs about this beautiful colt just to comment out in here.

So, please, enjoy.

+ + + + +

Tribal Pegasus Tattoo Design

Very Tribal this Pegasus Tattoo, using pure black in its outlines and curves. The wings and tail are beautiful designed and the head of the horse is pretty proportioned. Good tattoo design.

Pegasus Tattoo Designs

A couple of skulls and fern plants are adorning this tattoo from its base. The little heart with the key hole at the center was a good idea by the artist. You don't notice that the horses are representing Pegasus if you don't look at the wings. Good composition and idea. Very original. Enjoy.

Pegasus Tattoo Design in Fire

I like the fire representation and the rising Pegasus on this tattoo design. Colors of the horse and wings are not a perfect combination but the concept is really awesome. I like it very much.

More Pegasus Tattoo Designs like these will be posted in American Tattoos. Talk to your friends about this blog and this post. Stay tuned and take care. Good bye.

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Anchor Tattoo Design 101

Time for Anchor Tattoo Designs 101.

Three different Tattoo proposals for different situations and tastes. These Anchor Tattoos are playing with Skulls, Roses, Ropes and even Sailor Girls. If you think that only Popeye like Anchor Tattoos, think again and and start enjoying these designs.

So, please, comment and be happy.

+ + + + +

Skull Anchor Tattoo Designs

In this Anchor Tattoo, both designs have a skull at the top supported by the wood in the intersection. Strong chains and ropes were used in here just to give more character to the tattoo. I like the spearheads in both anchors. Good designs. This master piece is a real Anchor Tattoo Design.

Colorful Anchor Tattoo Design

Beautifully colored (the only one of these series), this Anchor Tattoo was adorned with red roses and a big rope trying to make an S, just to combine perfectly. Anchor's color is great too. Good work. Enjoy.

Anchor Ink Tattoo Design

This one is my favorite in this post. The artist made it for a famous Tattoo Shop. I think the model couldn't be better and the Anchor design is really awesome too. Some kind of bird is flying beside the lady's hand and some flowers are laying down at the logo's text. Excellent tattoo creation.

That's all my friends, I promise to publish more Anchor Tattoo Designs like these very soon. Subscribe by Email to follow my blog and share this post with your friends. Good bye.

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