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Phoenix Tattoo Design 101

Good Phoenix Tattoo Designs 101.

This time three splendid Phoenix Tattoos is making their debut in this blog for your own benefit. Coming from inside the most creative minds, these tattoo designs will give you the force to revive from the ashes like the Phoenix Bird.

Enjoy the designs and be happy.

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Golden Phoenix Tattoo Design

This is a Tribal design of a beautiful Phoenix extending its wings and preparing itself to take the fly. The tail is long and attractive and that color orange simulating fire is very awesome.

Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Design

Reviving from the ashes, this Phoenix Tattoo Design is a mix between a Dragon and a Phoenix Bird. Very good idea have made the artist trying to join this two mythical animals in one tattoo. Color red begins flaming the tail and finishes giving a color orange to the head. I like the wings. Good design. Enjoy.

Phoenix Tattoo Design in Fire

I have no words to express what I feel when I look to this Phoenix Tattoo. This one is the most beautiful design of a Phoenix I have ever seen in my life. That concept of making fire forming a Phoenix Bird is driving me crazy. I really love this tattoo because of its originality, color and design.

I hope you enjoyed these Phoenix Tattoo Designs 101. Stay tuned for more articles like this. Keep loving tattoos and remember to send this post to your friends. Good bye.

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