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Maori Tattoo Design 101

Good Maori Tattoo Designs 101 for you.

Three good Maori Tattoos representing various meanings in this kind of Philosophy. I like Maori Tattoo Designs because their ideas and concepts always have some message inside their lines, giving to the user some "extra" protection against enemies. Ho.

So, please, enjoy.

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Maori Tattoo Design and Turtles

Extraordinary Maori Tattoo this one. Quality of design is really awesome and combination of lines and curves is fantastic. Four turtles are making the basic concept to build this tattoo and the waves above are shaping the way these animals live in the sea. Very good work. Enjoy.

Black Maori Tattoo Design Mask

This Maori Tattoo is about a Maori Mask representing some kind of God. Lines and curves are perfect in this pure black design. Good concept and idea. Enjoy and make a comment.

Fossil Maori Tattoo Design

This Maori Tattoo makes me remember an extinguished fish or a fossil. I think the artist thought the same at the moment. The design is good and very original. I like it. Enjoy.

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