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Cross Tattoo Design 101

These are the Cross Tattoo Designs 101.

Three fantastic Cross Tattoo ideas for your tattoo hobby, holding contemporary concepts mixed with the older times and following the tribal and classic lines in some cases. Make a good work analyzing these designs and write down your comments.

An please, be happy.

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Classic Cross Tattoo Design

Excellent Cross Tattoo in grayscale. No colors were used in here but the design and concept are beautiful. You can put any text you like in the band that encircles the cross. I love how the shadows in the perimeter and the body were used in here. Great design and concept. Enjoy this master piece.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Design

This Cross Tattoo Design is based in the Celtic Culture, as you can see. This is the classic Celtic Cross showing the sacred circle at the center. Beyond the perimeter, the color black is covering the cross in a beautiful manner. Great tattoo that deserves your attention. Very good design.

Tribal Cross Tattoo Design and Heart

Originality and beauty are the perfect words to describe this Cross Tattoo. A red heart shines at the center of the cross and some purple lines are representing something similar to fire. This is a good and cute tribal design of a modern cross painted in black. Enjoy.

Well, that's all my friends. Keep loving these Cross Tattoo Designs and Subscribe by Email to follow my blog. Take care and be careful of the monsters out there. Good bye.

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