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Eagle Tattoo Design 101

Featuring now Eagle Tattoo Designs 101.

American Eagle, American Symbol, American Proud. Eagle Tattoos are more than simple colored drawings in your flesh, they mean strength of spirit, passion for adventure and freedom. They give you elegance mixed with Indiana Jones and more.

So, please, enjoy, comment and share.

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American Eagle Tattoo Design

Simple head of an eagle with some tribal lines in black. This Eagle Tattoo represents the American Eagle character and its pleasure for freedom. I like this design colors and shadows. Enjoy.

Tribal Eagle Tattoo Design

This beautiful design of a Black Tribal Eagle Tattoo holding a red circle is one of my favorites. Very original and charismatic, the eagle's tail is represented like an arrow. Good tattoo.

Black Eagle Tattoo Design

This Eagle Tattoo in pure black represents an eagle preparing to reach its prey. I think this design was elaborated more for tribal design but it's good anyway. I like the eagle's wings and the head in this tattoo, very original and charismatic concept by the artist. Enjoy and comment.

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