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Flower Tattoo Design 101

Time for the Flower Tattoo Designs 101.

Flower Tattoos are rising in popularity in the last time due to a great increase in female tattoos demand. Majority of these designs are used by women and girls whose preferences fall into butterflies and flowers combination, among others.

So, enjoy and comment.

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Colorful Flower Tattoo Design

Special design of a group of flowers in this Flower Tattoo. The color and concept is great, very original. This one is gonna stay at my favorite's vault in McAllen, TX, ho, ho, ho. Shadows are impressive too.

Tribal Flower Tattoo Design in Black

This Flower Tattoo was designed in pure black with some little gray shadows adorning the butterfly at the top. Great design and concept. Three black flowers stay at the center and then some leaves rise from the lines that construct the entire tattoo. Very original and cute. Enjoy.

Flower Tattoo Design Butterfly

Thirteen flowers adorn this Flower Tattoo and three butterflies are searching for nectar at the top. Good tattoo and concept but I think some color in there would be better. Enjoy anyway.

More Flower Tattoo Designs will be posted in here very soon, just follow this blog and make a comment to know your impressions. See you later, folks. Happy tattooing sessions. Good bye.

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