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Star Tattoo Design 101

Good Star Tattoo Designs 101.

It's a very common fact that people like Star Tattoos and everything related to the sky or heavens, like the moon or planets combined with stars. Well, write down your comments about these three Star Tattoo Ideas and expect for more very soon.

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Star Tattoo Design Purple

The color purple in this Star Tattoo denotes sexiness and attractiveness and the black curved lines give to this design even more category. Other small stars surround the bigger one. Very good tattoo. One of my favorites and very recommended if you want to impress someone. Enjoy and comment.

Star Tattoo Design and Fire

Very strong concept and good color combination in this Star Tattoo. Abstract black fire is represented in the background with some little curves at the center. The central big star is the principal attraction in this tattoo. Good work and idea for this summer. Enjoy please.

Black Star Tattoo Design and Arrows

This Star Tattoo in black color only likes me a lot. Combination of curves, lines and arrows is really impressive. Very original concept and creativity.

Be careful of the monsters out there and await for more Star Tattoo Designs in here. Subscribe by Email to my blog and send this post to your friends. See you later mates. Good bye.

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