Marked for Life Female Tattoo Expo

Celebrating its 18th birthday, the famous "Marked for Life" Female Tattoo Artist Expo will explode in Orlando, Florida, as soon as 2013 arrives to the United States.

Think bigger and follow your instincts (or may I mean your tattoos?) just to shine out with your presence at the 18th Annual International "Marked for Life" Female Tattoo Artist Expo. Prepare to show your tattoos and to make new friends.

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18th "Marked for Life"

Female Tattoo Artist Expo

When: January 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th, 2013

Where: Holiday Inn Orlando

12125 High Tech Avenue, Orlando, FL 32817

Like any other great Tattoo Expo in Florida, the 18th "Marked for Life" Female Tattoo Artist Expo will have a fabulous resonance this January, 2013. National and International media coverage is confirmed to assist.

This Tattoo Show is presented by the host of Deanna Lippens from Deana's Skin Art Studio, the only Tattoo Shop in Christmas, Florida. This studio has had good experiences with tattoo expos in the past so, this 18th edition will have the same great results. "You can do it, too!" is the slogan of the expo so, you can imagine what is expected to happen this January, 2013.

17th Marked for Life Female Tattoo Artist Expo 2012 Poster

American Tattoos will follow very close this Tattoo Event just to inform you about changes or updates. The Tattoo World is changing constantly and we need to stay in guard.

"Marked for Life" Female Tattoo Artist Expo 18th Edition is headed to be hosted at the Holiday Inn in Orlando, Florida. Cover for one day pass is $15.00 USD but you can buy 3 or 4 day pass and save something like 5 to 10 bucks. Kids under 15 will pass free (with paid adult ticket).

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