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Mermaid Tattoo Design 101

Time for Mermaid Tattoo Designs 101.

Three good Mermaid Tattoo Ideas featuring excellent designs about these mythical women very beloved by sailors and poets. Beautiful eyes, bodies, faces and even tails are holding good concepts to deserve the right to be part of your body and flesh.

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Mermaid Tattoo Design in the Sea

Excellent Mermaid Tattoo representing a mermaid girl floating in the sea and surrounded by fishes. She only shows her back but I like her long black hair anyway. Good job and idea. Enjoy.

Mermaid Tattoo Design and Anchor

This Mermaid Tattoo features a Mermaid around a giant anchor. Grayscale colors were used in here but the idea and concept is great. Long hair in the girl is covering one half of her face only.

Beautiful Mermaid Tattoo Design and Fishes

This design is extraordinary beautiful for a Mermaid Tattoo. Very creative and original. The Mermaid Girl is one of the cutest girls I've ever seen on my life. Her hair is not son long but it gives her some feeling of nostalgia. She is surrounded by fishes, jellyfishes and crabs. I like this one very much. Enjoy.

More posts like these Mermaid Tattoo Designs will be posted very soon, stay tuned in this blog. Don't forget to share this article with your friends. See you later and keep loving tattoos. God bye.

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