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Angels tattoo designs have been quite popular for the females. However, the lure of getting an angel wings tattoo design has had a much bigger pull nowadays. An angel's wing plays a big part in conveying the spirituality and mystery surrounding the heavenly being. Hence, it is only natural that most people prefer to settle for a pair of wings and still get the full effect of a fully inked angel.

Wings of Angels basically represent the triumph of good over evil. However, for the females - and males who choose to sport this tattoo design, the reason behind the symbol varies. There are those who see the ink as permanent protection, a symbol of the guardian angel watching over them. Others deem it as a representation of someone important in their life.

The most common placement of the angel wings tattoo design is that inscribed on the back. A logical move since this is their original location. However, others may choose to place it in varying body parts ranging from the lower back, shoulders or even on the ankles. Because of the varying sizes of the design, it's quite possible for the symbol to be placed on any body part. If you want the full angel effect, then this symmetrical design should cover the whole of your back. For those who do not want a large piece but would still like the full effect, you may place a small one at the corner of each shoulder.

Most angel wings are depicted in symmetrical designs. However, browsing through hordes of tattoo sites you will find patterns that lean towards the unique. In some galleries, you will find unsymmetrical angel wings that hold a message all on their own. Although this may not be your choice at first glance, a pair of angel wings with different patterns allow for a twist in the well loved design.

This particular design is usually depicted in shades of black and white. Basically, this is because angels are usually depicted as beings in full white regalia. However, blue works as well as any dark color you may choose to use. The play of colors may also be used to infuse the illusion of movement to the tattoo. Some designs are specifically made to be three dimensional, implying that the wings are in flight.

Angel wings tattoos are in every way as beautiful as a full bodied angel ink. The classic design is exquisite in its simplicity yet the amount of detail poured into every design is unique in itself. It's also possible for you to place your own twist to the angel wings theme, incorporating various designs with the basic ink. Such is the case with Nicky Hilton who placed a winged heart on her right wrist. The same could be done for virtually any other symbol.

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Original Armband Tattoo Designs 

Tribal, Maori, Philippine and even Cherokee ideas were chosen for these kinds of Armband Tattoos you will enjoy and acquire inked this weekend. Tell your friends with regards to these types of designs since these ones are very hard to find online and not online. 

And please, keep loving tattoos.

Philippine Armband Tattoo Design

Throughout this Armband Tattoo design Pattern, the particular Philippine expression with the particular heart claims: "My Indigneous group could be the Total World" in the particular local terminology regarding in which nation. This is any lovely layout inspired simply by a fantasy.

Dragon Armband Tattoo Design

Extraordinary Chinese Dragon decorating this kind of Armband Tattoo design. The particular Dragon is as long since your arm or glenohumeral joint need to become, and its yellow belly contrast very well with its red skin. This design will be actually awesome and original. Very good concept, shades and strategy. Enjoy and thank me later. 

Cherokee Armband Tattoo Design

Cherokee Feathers are flaming in this Armband Tattoo. Colors used are great, and the black feathers are giving a strange character to the drawing. More Symbolic and Tribal than traditional designs. Enjoy.

Black Dragon Armband Tattoo Design

Another good Dragon Tattoo for Armband use, but this time in pure black and using mirroring ideas. This design deserves to be a Medieval King's Coat of Arms. Just imagine this in your body.
Maori Armband Tattoo Design

This design represents nothing, but its pattern seems to have Maori or Tribal concepts. Shapes and curves in here are beautiful and in pure black, just to give it more mystery. Will you get it inked anyway?

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