Tattoos are permanent body art. Most people go for random designs that are found on the chart of any tattoo shop. If you are looking for a design that is special and makes you look unique then having an angel wing tattoo will definitely separate you from the rest of the crowd. Angel wings are the one of the most desired angel tattoo designs especially among women.

Historically tattoos were used for spiritual and decorative purposes. Tattoos have been used for many generations. Today it is one of the most popular forms of body art. Thousands of people across the world have them. Angel wing tattoos are usually associated with women. A pair of wings on the arm will make any girl appear innocent. They are also very beautiful and have the ability to attract anyone who sees them. Some men also have these tattoos. Women love them since they represent femininity, charm and grace as well as purity of the heart and kindness.

Angels are the guardians of human beings. They act as messengers between heaven and earth and represent goodness and purity. Many people have these tattoos for spiritual reasons; they believe spotting angel tattoo designs will protect them from evil, whereas some have these to represent their loved ones. All angel wing tattoos have a pair of wings. They are usually found on the lower spine. The length and span of the wings depends on the choice of the person. Many people even have smaller angel wings on other parts of the body. Other than the pair of wings, these tattoos provide an opportunity to express yourself creatively. Instead of copying ready made designs, the user can create his own version of the angel tattoo designs. An angel can appear smiling, crying or laughing, all left to the user to decide.

Every individual is different and has a unique style. Personalizing the tattoo will enhance its beauty. The angel wing tattoos can be personalized in a lot of different styles suiting the individual's needs and preferences. Even the type of angel is varied and many people go for different varieties to suit their taste. A normal angel wings tattoo on the back signifies the guardian or the protector who stands for peace and prosperity. Cupid angels have been a symbol of love for ages. Fallen angels represent those who have been banished by god. Archangel tattoos represent god's elite warriors. The type of angel tattoo designs depends on what the individual chooses and matches with his own persona.


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