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Heavenly Maori Tattoo Designs 103.

Dragons, Birds, Waves and Weird Things are featuring these Maori Tattoos that will last forever in your heart and skin. You won't regret any, I'm sure, because the artists behind them were inspired by the Highest Gods of Earth.

So please, scroll down and enjoy.

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This is a Maori version of a Dragon, very symbolic and abstract. The design is beautiful and original, and the red color inside is contrasting perfectly against Maori shapes and curves. Extraordinary.

If a Bird is something worth to design in a Maori Tattoo, this one is the perfect choice for a talented Maori Artist. This master piece is really awesome and charismatic enough to be inked. Enjoy please.

It seems to be just a draft, but this Maori Tattoo is a good representation of a Sea Wave, and I think it would look great in your shoulder or ankle. Don't be disappointed by the absence of color, it's good anyway.

This one is a Full Back Maori Tattoo Design. All in this creation is perfect and synchronized with the Philosophy of the Four Elements: Water, Air, Earth and Wind. Very good design.

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