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Bat Tattoo Design 103

Gothic Bat Tattoo Designs 103.

Coming directly from the Dark Ages of Vlad the Vampire and Dracula, these Bat Tattoos are mixing the power of Blasphemy, Darkness and Mystery into one single concept: Originality.

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Devil Bat Tattoo Design

Extraordinary design of a big Bat extending its Wings like a Master Vampire preparing to attack its prey. Gothic, Diabolic and very Dark, this Tattoo deserves the biggest award possible in the World.

Bat Tattoo Design in Black

The artist who design this Tattoo used to think about Dracula and Romania's Dark Heaven in its drawing sessions, that's the reason of the Moon and Stars in the background. Very good work. Enjoy.

Mystery Bat Tattoo Design

Completely black and obscure, this Bat seems to be dancing along side the shapes in the background. A little white Heart is at the very center of its chest, and the Wings extend to the limit, simulating forced flying.

Vampire Bat Tattoo Design

Only a shadow, only a silhouette, but this design represents a Bat flying through other dimension, may be the Twilight Zone, or some other unknown place. Pure black again, but very good. Enjoy.

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