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Mermaid Tattoo Design 102

Cute Mermaid Tattoo Designs 102.

Is it a Siren or a Mermaid? It doesn't care if you get confused, these Mermaid Tattoo Designs are the latest bomb in this blog. Good and creative tattoo ideas for your soul so, take your phone and book for your next tattoo session.

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Siren Mermaid Tattoo Design

This extremely cute Siren Tattoo is one of the best Mermaid Tattoo Designs I've ever seen in a long, long time. The girl is beautiful and the fishes around seem to be her happy pets. Colors and originality are impressive in this master piece. I think you can change the text below by the one you like. Enjoy.

Fairy Mermaid Tattoo Design

Combining three different beings like a butterfly, a fairy and a mermaid in this tattoo is some little weird and brave, but the tattoo is good regards it's only in pure black. The wings and tail are great, and the girl looks like a modern top model walking by the beach. Good design and concept.

Mermaid Tattoo Design Sea

A Mermaid in blue under the sun, and her hair in purple or violet. Good design of a Mermaid Tattoo that you want to be proud of. Colors are awesome and the sea is reflecting the sun. Good work.

Lady Mermaid Tattoo Design

This one represents a winged Mermaid silhouette doing a meditation session or looking around by her partner. Very good work for a Mermaid Tattoo. Enjoy.

Well, that's all my friends, see you later with more Mermaid Tattoo Designs for your flesh. Stay tuned to my blog for more stuff like this and keep loving tattoos. Good bye.

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