Dragon Tattoo Design

This post is a special gift for all Dragon Tattoo Lovers worldwide. Featuring 28 beautiful Dragon Tattoo Designs that will be proud to be in your skin, just to show them to your friends.

Tribal Designs with or without Wings, Occidental Type or Chinese, I think you won't regret any of them. Just select the one (or the ones) you like, print it out and get it tattooed with your favorite tattoo artist. So, please, take a look and be happy.

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Black Dragon Tattoo Medieval Dragon Tattoo Design Dragon Tattoo in Black

All of them are in pure black, and all of them are complete and ready to be used. The first row is representing two classic Dragon Tattoos, in a very tribal way. In fact, tribal design is a common factor in this series. The other two are more symbolic, but still good and original. The second row displays 4 more authentic designs, and more attractive. Just click any of them and enjoy.

Sea Dragon Tattoo Design

Dragon Tattoo Design in Black Dragon Tattoo Heraldic

I think the first one of the last row is a good example of how a Dragon Tattoo Design must be. Extraordinary design and originality. The last one is also very cute. Those Dragons facing each other would be great as a King Emblem in any medieval kingdom. If you like Dragon Faces there are two good options at the center of the 6th row, ready to be in your flesh. There are designs for all tastes and criteria, you can see.

Stay tuned to American Tattoos for more Dragon Tattoo Designs like these. Subscribe by Email to my blog and send this post to your friends and relatives. See you later, mates. Take care.

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