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Cross Tattoo Design 102

Excellent and Religious Cross Tattoo Designs 102.

These tattoos belong to Ancient Times like the Gothic and the Celtic Age but, if you like Cross Tattoos, I think you'll have no troubles choosing one for your skin. Roses and Tribal concepts are included in the field inside these drawings too.

What are you waiting for?

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Celtic Cross Tattoo Design

Very original design of a Celtic Cross Tattoo. The wings and the black circle give it even more originality and character. Below, a group of black skulls are making the ground to appear like a graveyard, but this is a good detail for a tattoo. Leaves and gloomy branches around go besides the beautiful Celtic Cross at the center of this master piece. Enjoy and be proud of this Cross Tattoo Design forever.

Rose Cross Tattoo Designs

Roses and tribal lines are shaping these three Cross Tattoos. Personally, I like more the one at the center, but the other two besides are great too. In fact, this is a very good design and concept.

Tribal Cross Tattoo Design

For those who like tribal tattoos, this one will give them anything they want in a Religious Cross Tattoo. Excellent design and drawing. Congratulations to the artist and the one who will get it inked.

Catholic Cross Tattoo Design

Another good Celtic Cross Tattoo Design. It seems like a golden cross showing in a jewelry shop. Very good work. Shapes and lines are really awesome in this tattoo and the gray colors give it a sense of meditation and religiousness. Enjoy and make a comment below if you like.

The Tattoo World needs more Cross Tattoo Designs like these so, I plan to make more posts talking about this kind of tattoos, due to a great popularity among Tattoo Lovers. Well, that's all my friends. Keep enjoying my blog and send this post to your friends. Good bye and take care.

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