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Star Tattoo Design 103

Shinning Star Tattoo Designs 103.

It's time to show some little Star Tattoos in this blog. The concepts and designs below are different and original, and very cool to get inked because everybody like Stars. So please, take a seat and choose well your Tattoo Design.

And keep loving Tattoos.

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Black Star Tattoo Design

I really like this Star Tattoo Design. The Big Star at the left is remarked in pure black with another little Star at its very center, following the other two besides. I don't know if the the gray shape at the bottom of this design is something like musical symbols but it looks great in the drawing. Print it out and enjoy.

Five Stars Tattoo Design

This one has 5 simple Stars following a path, full of space's dust. This is a good Tattoo Design if you like to ink your shoulders or ankles. Simple but awesome. Very good creation by this artist.

Star Tattoo Design Music

Star Tattoo Design Cliff

These two designs are brothers and share a very similar concept. Both show a big Star holding a symbol at the center. The first one has a musical sign, and the second one shows an unknown symbol that looks crazy and funky. Very good Tattoo Ideas anyways if you don't care about simpleness. Enjoy.

These Star Tattoo Designs are waiting for your attention, so please, share this in your social circles and start planning your new Tattoo in you local Tattoo Shop. Or, if you like originality and uniqueness, click in the link below and impress your friends with a Tattoo Design that only you will carry on in your body. Good bye.

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