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Butterfly Tattoo Design 102

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo Designs 102.

I've said this many times but I keep insisting: Butterfly Tattoos are not exclusive for women, and the examples below are the best proof. This time, a weird combination of forces among Skulls, Flowers and Butterflies will make your day happier.

Scroll down and start enjoying.

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Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Design

In this Butterfly Tattoo tribal lines and shapes are really beautiful. Very impressive this pure black tattoo; the way the artist is shaping this master piece is incredible. Excellent design.

Skull Butterfly Tattoo Design

Mixing Skulls, Roses and Butterflies to create a Tattoo Design is not a new thing, but this creation deserves all your attention because, this tattoo definitively rocks! I think you'll be proud to tattoo this. Enjoy.

Pink Butterfly Tattoo Designs

These designs are a especial present for Women and Girls. All in both tattoos are Feminine so, please, share these designs with your female friends and relatives.

Black Butterfly Tattoo Design

Only black color was used in this Butterfly Tattoo Design. The artist based its creation in dry leaves he saw in the ground. Very original and creative, the leaves are forming the Butterfly shape. Enjoy.

More Butterfly Tattoo Designs are arriving to this blog very soon, stay tuned. Keep loving tattoos and stay away from the monsters out there. See you later guys.

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