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Wolf Tattoo Design 101

Rare and good Wolf Tattoo Designs 101.

Wolves have inspired always Fear and Respect to Mankind. They are associated, commonly, with Audacity, Ferocity and Force of Union, and this time is not the exception. Three beautiful Wolf Tattoos are awaiting for your approval below.

So please, scroll down and choose.

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Tribal Wolf Tattoo Design

Running Wolf Tattoo in a very artistic tribal way. Complexity and beauty in this master piece is something you can define as awesome as a golden ring. The Wolf is extraordinary and its muscles are well defined in the general shape of this design. Congratulations to the artist. Very good work. Enjoy please.

Wicca Wolf Tattoo Design

Resting or meditating Wolf Tattoo, and some Wicca Symbol drawn in one of its thighs. People tend to associate the Star and the Circle with Black Witchcraft, but the artist wanted to represent the image of the Four Elements and God instead. Lines and shapes in this work are really fantastic.

Wolf Clan Tattoo Design

This one is about a Wolf calling for its clan, or calling for the Moon's attention. I don't know what is the real meaning of this Wolf Tattoo but the drawing is great. Excellent work by Nainu. Just enjoy.

More Wolf Tattoo Designs will be featured in this blog very soon. For now, enjoy these and share this post with your friends. See you later and don't forget to make a comment. Good bye.

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