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Anchor Tattoo Design 102

Good Anchor Tattoo Designs 102.

Any time is a good time to present Mermaids and Anchors united in a Tattoo Design, no matter if these kind of art represents two different points of view. Pretty colors and concepts are playing the game in a very fantastic way in here.

So, please, enjoy and share.

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Mermaid Anchor Tattoo Design

If you get this Mermaid Anchor Tattoo in your skin I think you'll be the central attraction among your friends. The girl is beautiful and the Anchor is perfectly designed, and a large red flag is falling down through the Mermaid and her cute blue tail. Extraordinary creation by Loopydave. Congratulations to the artist.

Anchor Tattoo Design and Flowers

Beautiful colors and Flowers appear inside this Anchor Tattoo. Colors of the Anchor could be better but that group of Flowers are giving more character to this creation. Enjoy please.

Black Anchor Tattoo Design

This one is in pure black but the design is good to tattoo in any part of your body anyway. Wood, Anchor, Sea, Ropes and, I think, waves, are playing a good role in this design. Very good work.

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