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Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design 102

Really great Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs 102.

Monsters out and monsters in, these tattoo ideas are holding a good handful of Chinese Designs about the mythical Dragon and all the stuff that commonly are within this artistic branch of the Asian Culture. So please, enjoy and share this post.

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Yellow Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design

Beautiful colors and special effects are covering this Chinese Dragon Tattoo in its entirety. I think I don't need to say anymore about this master piece, the design is extraordinary and the colors are great.

Red Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design

Being monochromatic only is not an impediment to stay right there in your skin. Some giant flowers and leaves are accompanying this Winged Asian Dragon. Good work and concept. Enjoy.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design

Another great Chinese Dragon Tattoo in graysacle only. The animal is a female because she is holding an egg in her right claw. I like the position of the Dragon in this tattoo, so defensive. Great.

Blue Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design

This one is one of my favorites. The Dragon is fantastic, and that way to look at the spectator is really awesome. Red eyes and blue body is a good combination in this composition. Enjoy.

Expect more Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs like these in the upcoming weeks. I'm always updating my blog with great tattoo stuff to enjoy in the life. Be careful of the monsters out there and take care. Bye.

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