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Skull Tattoo Design 101

Good Skull Tattoo Designs 101.

Fairy and other designs. Beautiful skull tattoo proposals for any part of your body and flesh. Remember that getting inked this spring in company of you partner must be and incredible thing to share on your profile. Be happy and keep loving tattoos.

So please, enjoy and comment.

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Skull Fairy Tattoo Design

Beautiful design of a tattooed Fairy Girl resting over a Skull and a violet rose, and the Moon in the background. Composition and originality in this Skull Tattoo are great and awesome. Enjoy.

Evil Skull Tattoo Design

Black and white Skull Tattoo Design dragging a chain by artist lidong. Only grayscale colors were used in this design, but good work anyway. Excellent idea and concept. Good.

Devil Skull Tattoo Design

This Tattoo is a thriller design of a Skull arising from something similar to feathers. I like this one for some kind of Tattoo Party. Good work and idea. Enjoy.

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