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Dragon Tattoo Design 101

Beautiful Dragon Tattoo Designs 101.

Dragon Tattoos are elegant and smart to carry on your body but sometimes these kind of designs are "out of use" and you know that what you need is only what I call "new and fresh designs", just to stay at this century without any worry.

So, enjoy and make a comment.

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Black Dragon Tattoo Design

Excellent design of a Dragon Tattoo in black. Some kind tribal, some kind warrior, this tattoo design looks very symbolic and elegant. Enjoy and comment this Dragon Tattoo Design.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design

Another good tattoo of a Dragon. This one seems to be part of the Chinese Culture because of the absence of wings and colors. Good design anyway. Enjoy and comment.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design

This one is my favorite. The only Dragon Tattoo of this series that shows wings and colors. I like the idea, concept and originality of this tattoo. Mixed between tribal and Chinese styles, this Dragon Tattoo Design deserves your vote to win an award, ho, ho, ho. Enjoy and comment.

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