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Heart Tattoo Design 101

Time for Heart Tattoo Designs 101.

This kind of tattoos are not only for romantic purposes. You always have the choice to tattoo your partner's name on it or not. But in my personal experience, I think no names in your tattoo is the best thing you can make to avoid repentance.

Enjoy and comment.

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Heart Tattoo Design Broken

Cute tattoo design of a broken and mended heart by ChrysmStone with two kind of wings: one of them seems to be from an angel and the other one seems to belong to a bat or a devil. Red and dark gray are dominant colors in here. Good design and idea for a Heart Tattoo. Enjoy.

Heart Tattoo Design Rocker

This crazy tattoo design of a couple of hearts listening music (I guess to Iron Maiden or AC/DC) is a good concept to support sensibility and happiness. The design is simple but well structured and the shadows were made to contrast with the red color. Good design too. Enjoy and comment this Heart Tattoo.

Heart Tattoo Design and Stars

Stars and shadows are surrounding this red heart on this tattoo. A gray version is beside the original but it looks sad. Good concept and design to use this summer at your favorite beach in California if you plan to travel to the United States or if you live close to one of them. Enjoy this Heart Tattoo.

See you later with more Heart Tattoo Designs. Similar articles will be added very soon. Stay tuned and subscribe by email to follow my blog. Comment and share this post. Good bye.

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