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Women are treasured individuals in society. Without them, we're all nothing. For a few months of staying in their wombs, we're here living and enjoying life. Although, there are several issues about women, still they're important in this world. If you're one of them and want to stand with pride, Angel wing tattoos are excellent options to choose from. Whether you want to express your personality or just want to add sexy appearance on your body, these designs are truly meant for you.

First impression about angels

As you've read in several writings, angels were defined as winged creatures. In the bible, there are also several verses that discussed about angels. And according to Christians, angels are servants of god. During Mary's pregnancy, an angel was sent by god to tell her about the good news. On the other side, an angel also appeared in Joseph's dream telling him to take Mary and be the acting father of Jesus Christ. Today, these winged creatures are so popular by means of Angel tattoos.

It doesn't matter whether angels exist in this world or not. The important thing is how you will stand in nature as women. Well, angel wing tattoos are great ways to do such thing. These designs vary in sizes, styles and colors. If you wish to be an angel someday, you may want to get a wing tattoo on your back. However, angel wings are also suitable to other parts of the body including shoulders, upper arms and lower backs. In some cases, there are also women who decided to get inked on the neck. Anyway, it's all depends on your taste and fashion.

A way to express your inner personality

Angel wing tattoos are a great way to express inner personality. If you're shy to tell the world what's your goal in life, then you can use angel tattoos to send your message. Angel tattoos may also represent love and peace. Heart's Day is nearly approaching and you may want to impress your partner. If that's the case, you should choose a design wherein hearts and angels are blended together, and for sure your relationship will stand out.

Colors available for angel tattoos

Angel wing tattoos also vary in colors. And since love is your theme, you can choose the color red. Bright colors also add beauty and uniqueness to angel tattoos. These include pink, blue and yellow. Although there are wide selections available for angel designs, still it is important to choose a unique design.

Time to present the best Tattoo Designs inside the bodies of the athletes of London 2012 Olympic Games.

Unusual, weird and philosophical tattoos are favorites among participants. It seems that meaningful designs are taking place in the best parts of the body, just for fashion, hobby or fun, all the drawings are beautiful, colored and some times, very original. So, please, take a look and tell us what you think.

A wet ball and a number seven (good luck) is shinning in the thigh of Andrea Blas Martinez, from Spain's Water Polo team. Small, but very significant for a woman.

Team USA has also a good tattoo representation in Misty May-Treanor, from the Women's Beach Volleyball. A good lower back Tribal Flower. Here, she is celebrating with her family and friends.

Gretta Taslakian also shows a good tattoo of Stars and Clouds. She is from Lebanon.

This little Chinese Tattoo has a meaning. It says: Victory, in this Water Polo player. Great, isn't?

Brazilian Fernando Saraiva Reis smiles after failing a lift. Good design in his shoulders.

This is James Ellington, from Britain, showing his full arm Tattoo Designs in 200m. Good work.

Excellent Cross Tattoo in Wallace Spearman, in Team USA, from 200 meters running.

It seems to be a Crown Tattoo falling from the shoulder of this France 110m hurdles runner.

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