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Dolphin Tattoo Design 101

Attractive Dolphin Tattoo Designs 101.

I used to think that Dolphins and Killer Whales were something vague to ink in your skin but now I'm sure that these kind of marine animals are one of the best God's creations to draw in a good tattoo (and in your body, of course).

So please, enjoy these designs and be happy.

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Tribal Dolphin Tattoo Design

A couple of Tribal Dolphins jumping together out of the water. The sea waves are very representative, like a cartoon frame. Very good Dolphin Tattoo Design. The pure black color give it more character and energy.

Dolphin Tattoo Design in Black

This one is another good Tribal Dolphin Tattoo Design. The design includes some little touches of blue, just to represent reflections and shines. Excellent design and idea. Enjoy please.

Dragon Dolphin Tattoo Design

The only one Dolphin Tattoo of this series that has color. They are a Dragon and a Dolphin playing games on the air and interchanging movements. The author wanted to make some absurd painting of the Ying and Yang in this tattoo, originally, but I think the final work idea is better, isn't it?

Expect more Dolphin Tattoo Designs in the next weeks and share this in your social circles. Remember to make a comment and Subscribe by Email if you like. Good bye and take care.

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