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Monday, October 29, 2012 at 4:23 PM | 0 comments  

Wonderful  Mexican Skull Tattoo Designs

I love Mexican Lifestyle in addition to everything connected with the concept of Death. Mexicans seem to be fearless involving the girl. While a subject associated with fact, the lady loves getting painted in tattoos, sketches, t-shirts and also partitions. Get a seem and figure out your current view about it tattoos

And please, keep loving the Tattoo World.

Mexican Skull Tattoo Design Yellow

Mexican Skull Tattoo Design Black

A couple of various designs of the particular same Mexican Brain TattooDesign. Only colours are usually different nevertheless the paintings talk about the actual identical design and style. A new few regarding major blades are aside from every Skull. Decor, emblems, lines and also shapes are usually actually awesome. I think this kind of master part deserves the actual biggest Tattoo Prize inside the World. 

Mexican Skull Tattoo Design Red

Based in the design above, this creation also have a very decorated Skull. The background is red, simulating Human Blood and Suffering. Enjoy and start sharing this tattoo in your social groups.

Female Mexican Skull Tattoo Design

This one is the female version of the Tattoos above. Now, the Skull has a colored mouth and symbols inside are more stylized. Even a little cross is shinning at her forehead. The blades are almost transparent in this design and the background seems to belong to some dreadful green field. Very good work.

Santa Muerte Skull Tattoo Design

Not enough words to describe this master piece. Yes, another Female Skull Tattoo representing the Mexican point of view of "Santa Muerte" or "Holy Death". Very colorful and authentic. Roses, leaves and colors are shaping the most beautiful Skull Tattoo in my galleries. Enjoy and start printing.

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