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Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 3:46 PM | 0 comments  

Extra Phoenix Tattoo Designs

You will just like a great deal these kind of Phoenix , az Tattoos, I know, as the Hearth Fowl is currently together with various suggestions along with ideas, simply to stay away from the crowd, and to offer you more originality, figure along with credibility throughout your current Tattoo design Hobby .

And then, let's begin.

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Design

Extraordinary layout with a new Tribal Phoenix , az increasing its Wings, ready to take flight away. Slightly red Heart is actually shinning at the particular bird's chest. My partner and i just like this master piece quite much. Incredibly excellent perform and idea. Enjoy please. 

Black Phoenix Tattoo Design

Represented in pure black, this Phoenix Tattoo Design has a large and stylized tail finalized in two big feathers. I don't know what the two antennas above the head are for but they seem to be part of the design, and at least, the artist thought the same. This design is good and authentic in every line.

Phoenix Tattoo Design Rising

If the tail of this Phoenix wouldn't have those elongated three feathers at the end I think people would see it as a simple Eagle trying to catch the fly. Good design anyway but I feel some retouches are necessary.

Phoenix Tattoo Design Female

This one is the most stylized, refined and delicate Phoenix of this series. May be for a girl, but you can get it inked if you are a boy anyway because the Bird is passing by the Sun at the center. Very good work.

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