Deon Mad Dog Hulse

Deon "Mad Dog" Hulse recently appeared in The Jeremy Kyle Show showing his tattooed skull face facing his girlfriend and the people in the program called "How could my boyfriend destroy his own face?" This guy admitted stealing metal stall frames from a super market in the West Midlands (the stolen frames was worth 3,500 pounds). In the same show, he failed a lie detector when the staff ask him if he had slept with other women. Deon was caught lying all the time in the show after a series of questions.

The same staff told him: "You are a liar and a cheat, and you look ridiculous". Later, Hulse was arrested in company of other suspected men and taken to the police station. In there, he admitted stealing the metal in order to pay off for his drug debts. The police found the drug in his Walsall home.

Police Officials recorded the declaration: "He said he helped load them up and believed they were stolen and planned to sell the metal to make money."

Deon Mad Dog Hulse Tattoo

Mad Dog, 29, is father of two, however, despite having admitted all of his crimes, Hulse will not step into jail. Why bad boys are so lucky in this world?

He is going to pay only 85 pounds for court costs to the State. Deon assured he loves his family and he is very careful of his whole family, especially his autistic son.

During The Jeremy Kyle Show, Mad Dog was proud of his skull-tattooed face telling that he never have felt embarrassment for his decision of tattooing his face and other parts of his body. Meanwhile, his girlfriend never understood why he tattooed his face in that so strange skull design.

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