Angel wings tattoo comes in different designs suited for men and women. It also designed in different sizes from small to full size that could cover up your entire back. In like manner, angel tattoos have different meaning to different people. For some people it signifies morality and spirituality as well as religious faith. For others, an angel represents departed loved ones but it also symbolizes beauty and peace.

Before you decide on getting angel wings tattoo it is necessary that you look first the different designs that you will treasure for long years. You can find the different designs from websites and all you have to do is to print it the design you like and bring it to the tattoo artist. It is also good for you to know that the wings of different angels vary from each other. No matter what type of angel wings you use the main thing that is in your mind is that it protects you from evil forces.

Personalize Your Own Style

On the other hand, when you use Cherubs wings it signifies love. Oftentimes the design appears with an arrow that seems directly shoots the heart of your loved ones. However, you can make this tattoo design personalized depending on your preference. In this sense, it is essential that you decide why you like to have this design. Where do you want it to place in your body as well as what inspires you to have it inked in your body?

Show It Off On Your Bare Back Tops

Ideally, angel wings tattoo is commonly placed on your back either it is in a close or open position across your shoulder or lower back. However, this design is not limited on your back because you can also put it on your arms, chest and shoulder or anywhere you prefer. You can choose tiny wings inked in the upper part of your back or big wings that could cover your entire back. In order to obtain best result, let the tattoo artists make a sketch of the design before you ink it in your back.

Women are treasured individuals in society. Without them, we're all nothing. For a few months of staying in their wombs, we're here living and enjoying life. Although, there are several issues about women, still they're important in this world. If you're one of them and want to stand with pride, Angel wing tattoos are excellent options to choose from. Whether you want to express your personality or just want to add sexy appearance on your body, these designs are truly meant for you.

First impression about angels

As you've read in several writings, angels were defined as winged creatures. In the bible, there are also several verses that discussed about angels. And according to Christians, angels are servants of god. During Mary's pregnancy, an angel was sent by god to tell her about the good news. On the other side, an angel also appeared in Joseph's dream telling him to take Mary and be the acting father of Jesus Christ. Today, these winged creatures are so popular by means of Angel tattoos.

It doesn't matter whether angels exist in this world or not. The important thing is how you will stand in nature as women. Well, angel wing tattoos are great ways to do such thing. These designs vary in sizes, styles and colors. If you wish to be an angel someday, you may want to get a wing tattoo on your back. However, angel wings are also suitable to other parts of the body including shoulders, upper arms and lower backs. In some cases, there are also women who decided to get inked on the neck. Anyway, it's all depends on your taste and fashion.

A way to express your inner personality

Angel wing tattoos are a great way to express inner personality. If you're shy to tell the world what's your goal in life, then you can use angel tattoos to send your message. Angel tattoos may also represent love and peace. Heart's Day is nearly approaching and you may want to impress your partner. If that's the case, you should choose a design wherein hearts and angels are blended together, and for sure your relationship will stand out.

Colors available for angel tattoos

Angel wing tattoos also vary in colors. And since love is your theme, you can choose the color red. Bright colors also add beauty and uniqueness to angel tattoos. These include pink, blue and yellow. Although there are wide selections available for angel designs, still it is important to choose a unique design.

I went abroad on holiday recently and whilst sat on the beach with my wife, I remarked upon the amount of people surrounding us that sported some form of tattoo. Of all the designs I saw, I noted that those depicting angel wings were by far the most popular.

So why do so many people go for angel wings tattoo designs, over the many other images that may be available?

Before we answer that question, we need to look into what this design means.

Firstly a bit of background knowledge. We all know what angels are and where they supposedly come from, if you believe that sort of thing. But did you know that the real angels have never been depicted as having any kind of wings in the bible?

So where did the wings come from? Well, angels have always been associated with bringing messages from God. God lives up above in heaven and we live down below. Artists throughout the ages have drawn angels with wings in order to detail their descent from the clouds above.

That's pretty much how wings have come into the equation. Throughout history the wings have slowly but surely become indelibly linked with the angel, which has only intensified in the latter-day with books, films, comics and other pop culture.

But why are angel wings tattoos so popular?

I think this can be summed up by factoring in why people are now getting tattooed. In the past, western societies mainly collected tattoos as a way of showing an allegiance to a group (such as military tattoos) or simply to show off the designs as a way of self-expression.

Nowadays people tend to go for tattoos with more personal meaning to them. This is certainly the case with female tattoo collectors who favour more discrete tattoos with meaning.

Here are some reasons why you might choose an angel wings tattoo design.

1. They can represent your spirituality.

2. They can represent your ability to rise above a recent adversity or challenge.

3. They are a sign of good over evil.

4. They can show your desire to reach new "heights" in life.

5. They can represent a "guardian angel' looking over a loved one, both in life and death. They are popular in memorial tattoos.

6. They are neither masculine nor feminine so are popular with both sexes.

What styles of angel wings tattoo designs are available?

Typically, angel wings are drawn in a feathered image to represent real wings. Most collectors tend to place them on the back as per an angels placement. They can cover the whole of the back in one large design or be smaller, perhaps on the lower back. I have seen some designs cater for one wing only although most go with the conventional two wings. They are typically finished in black or dark colouring.

Wings can also be styled in the tribal method, taking the shape of the wing outline but not the full detail. These are very popular and are again mostly in black or dark colouring. The bolder outline will make this design stand out more.

For something further a field you could look at bio-mechanical wings. I have seen these about and they are quite striking. Whilst certainly a more "masculine" tattoo, these allow the tattoo artist to move away from the traditional feathering work and really strike out with an original concept involving machinery and metal imagery.

Tattoos are permanent body art. Most people go for random designs that are found on the chart of any tattoo shop. If you are looking for a design that is special and makes you look unique then having an angel wing tattoo will definitely separate you from the rest of the crowd. Angel wings are the one of the most desired angel tattoo designs especially among women.

Historically tattoos were used for spiritual and decorative purposes. Tattoos have been used for many generations. Today it is one of the most popular forms of body art. Thousands of people across the world have them. Angel wing tattoos are usually associated with women. A pair of wings on the arm will make any girl appear innocent. They are also very beautiful and have the ability to attract anyone who sees them. Some men also have these tattoos. Women love them since they represent femininity, charm and grace as well as purity of the heart and kindness.

Angels are the guardians of human beings. They act as messengers between heaven and earth and represent goodness and purity. Many people have these tattoos for spiritual reasons; they believe spotting angel tattoo designs will protect them from evil, whereas some have these to represent their loved ones. All angel wing tattoos have a pair of wings. They are usually found on the lower spine. The length and span of the wings depends on the choice of the person. Many people even have smaller angel wings on other parts of the body. Other than the pair of wings, these tattoos provide an opportunity to express yourself creatively. Instead of copying ready made designs, the user can create his own version of the angel tattoo designs. An angel can appear smiling, crying or laughing, all left to the user to decide.

Every individual is different and has a unique style. Personalizing the tattoo will enhance its beauty. The angel wing tattoos can be personalized in a lot of different styles suiting the individual's needs and preferences. Even the type of angel is varied and many people go for different varieties to suit their taste. A normal angel wings tattoo on the back signifies the guardian or the protector who stands for peace and prosperity. Cupid angels have been a symbol of love for ages. Fallen angels represent those who have been banished by god. Archangel tattoos represent god's elite warriors. The type of angel tattoo designs depends on what the individual chooses and matches with his own persona.

Angels tattoo designs have been quite popular for the females. However, the lure of getting an angel wings tattoo design has had a much bigger pull nowadays. An angel's wing plays a big part in conveying the spirituality and mystery surrounding the heavenly being. Hence, it is only natural that most people prefer to settle for a pair of wings and still get the full effect of a fully inked angel.

Wings of Angels basically represent the triumph of good over evil. However, for the females - and males who choose to sport this tattoo design, the reason behind the symbol varies. There are those who see the ink as permanent protection, a symbol of the guardian angel watching over them. Others deem it as a representation of someone important in their life.

The most common placement of the angel wings tattoo design is that inscribed on the back. A logical move since this is their original location. However, others may choose to place it in varying body parts ranging from the lower back, shoulders or even on the ankles. Because of the varying sizes of the design, it's quite possible for the symbol to be placed on any body part. If you want the full angel effect, then this symmetrical design should cover the whole of your back. For those who do not want a large piece but would still like the full effect, you may place a small one at the corner of each shoulder.

Most angel wings are depicted in symmetrical designs. However, browsing through hordes of tattoo sites you will find patterns that lean towards the unique. In some galleries, you will find unsymmetrical angel wings that hold a message all on their own. Although this may not be your choice at first glance, a pair of angel wings with different patterns allow for a twist in the well loved design.

This particular design is usually depicted in shades of black and white. Basically, this is because angels are usually depicted as beings in full white regalia. However, blue works as well as any dark color you may choose to use. The play of colors may also be used to infuse the illusion of movement to the tattoo. Some designs are specifically made to be three dimensional, implying that the wings are in flight.

Angel wings tattoos are in every way as beautiful as a full bodied angel ink. The classic design is exquisite in its simplicity yet the amount of detail poured into every design is unique in itself. It's also possible for you to place your own twist to the angel wings theme, incorporating various designs with the basic ink. Such is the case with Nicky Hilton who placed a winged heart on her right wrist. The same could be done for virtually any other symbol.

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